Argus Dental: Your Guide to Affordable Dentistry

Argus​ Dental is a ⁤dental insurance provider that offers a range of services to its members. From preventive ‌care to ‌complex⁢ procedures, Argus Dental aims to provide affordable and comprehensive⁣ coverage for all dental needs. In this⁢ article, we will⁢ take a closer​ look at what Argus Dental ⁢has to​ offer, including its‍ plans, benefits, and network of providers. Whether⁢ you are⁤ considering⁣ signing up⁣ for Argus Dental or are already a​ member, this⁤ article will provide ‌you with all the ‍information you ⁣need to make the most of your dental‍ coverage.

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Understanding Argus Dental and‍ Its Services

Argus ‍Dental ‌ is a comprehensive dental‌ plan ‌provider that offers a wide range ⁢of services to meet the oral health needs of individuals and‍ families. With a focus on preventive ‌care, ⁣Argus Dental provides⁤ coverage for routine cleanings, exams, and⁤ x-rays,⁤ as well as more complex procedures such ⁣as‌ fillings, crowns, and root canals. Their plans⁢ are designed to make dental care affordable‍ and accessible, with options for both ⁣employer-sponsored and individual plans.

One of the unique ⁢features ⁢of Argus Dental is their Argus⁤ Master Plan. This plan ‍offers a higher level of coverage for those ⁢who need ⁢more‍ extensive dental work. It includes additional benefits such as coverage for orthodontics, implants, and cosmetic‌ procedures. For those who are‍ looking for ⁢a more basic level of coverage, the ​ Argus Freedom Plan provides affordable ‌options for ⁣preventive care and basic restorative​ services.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the services ‍covered ⁢under Argus ⁢Dental ⁤plans:

  • Preventive ‍Care: cleanings, ⁣exams, x-rays
  • Basic Restorative Services: fillings, extractions
  • Major Restorative Services: crowns, ⁢bridges, dentures
  • Specialty Services: orthodontics, implants,⁣ cosmetic procedures
Plan Coverage Monthly Premium
Argus Master Plan Comprehensive⁣ coverage including specialty services $30
Argus​ Freedom Plan Basic ‍coverage with ⁣affordable options $20

In summary, Argus Dental is a reliable option for those seeking dental coverage. With a ⁤variety of plans ‌and services, they cater to the diverse needs ​of their members,​ ensuring that‍ everyone has access to quality dental ⁢care.

Exploring the Benefits of⁣ Argus‍ Dental Plans

Choosing⁢ the right dental plan can be overwhelming, but⁤ Argus Dental offers a range of plans that cater⁤ to different needs ‌and budgets. One ⁤of the key benefits⁣ of Argus Dental plans is the flexibility they offer.​ Whether ⁤you are looking for ‌an ⁣individual​ or family plan, Argus has options that can be⁣ tailored to⁢ your specific requirements. Additionally, their plans come with no⁢ waiting periods for preventive ⁣services, so you can​ start taking‌ care of your dental health right away.

Argus Dental‌ plans also provide access to ‍a wide network of dentists across the country. This ⁣means that you are‍ likely to ‌find a provider near you who accepts Argus.⁢ Plus, their plans come with no copays for preventive services⁢ like cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Here are some of the other benefits ⁣you can expect with an Argus Dental plan:

  • Discounts on orthodontics and cosmetic services
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • 24/7 ‌access‍ to⁣ customer support
Plan Type Monthly Cost Annual Maximum
Individual $25 $1,000
Family $75 $3,000

Overall, Argus Dental plans provide ⁢a comprehensive and ‌affordable solution to maintaining good oral health. With benefits like ⁢no waiting periods, ‍a large network of providers, and ​various‌ coverage options, ⁤it’s‍ worth ‍considering Argus for ⁢your dental ​insurance needs.

Comparing Argus ​Dental to ⁣Other Dental Insurance Providers

When it⁣ comes to selecting a dental insurance provider, it’s important to compare and contrast different options to determine which one is the‍ best⁣ fit for your ‌needs. One provider that stands ‍out ​in the⁣ industry is Argus Dental.

Argus Dental offers a ⁣wide range of plans that cater to various needs and budgets. Here⁣ are ⁢some key ⁣points to ‌consider when comparing Argus⁢ Dental ⁣to other⁤ providers:

Network of ‌Providers: Argus Dental boasts a large network of dentists⁣ and specialists, making it easier for ​members to​ find a‌ provider that meets ⁢their ⁢needs.
– ⁤ Plan ‌Flexibility:​ Argus Dental‌ offers⁤ a variety of ⁢plans with different coverage ⁣levels, allowing members to⁢ choose ​a plan that⁢ fits their budget ⁢and dental ⁤care needs.
Customer ⁤Service: ⁤Argus Dental⁣ prides itself on ‌its excellent customer service, with representatives ‍available to assist members‍ with‌ any questions or concerns.

Provider Network Size Plan Options Customer Service
Argus Dental Large Multiple Excellent
Provider B Medium Limited Average
Provider ⁢C Small One-size-fits-all Poor

As shown in the table above, Argus Dental stands out in network size, plan options, and customer service when compared to ‍other providers. It’s important to carefully consider these factors when choosing a dental insurance‌ provider ‌to ensure that you receive the​ care⁢ and coverage that you need.

Tips​ for Maximizing Your Argus‍ Dental Coverage

If you have Argus⁤ Dental insurance, you’ll want ⁤to ‌make sure you’re getting ⁤the most out of your coverage. Here are some⁢ tips to help you maximize your benefits:

  • Understand Your Plan: Take the time to ⁣read through your‍ Argus Dental plan ‍details. Know what procedures are covered, what your co-pays are, ⁢and if there ‍are any annual maximums or limitations. This will help you avoid ⁤any unexpected costs.
  • Use In-Network Providers: Argus Dental has ⁣a network of approved dentists. Using a dentist within‌ this network⁢ can save ‍you⁢ money on⁤ out-of-pocket costs. Be sure to verify that your dentist is⁣ in-network ‍before scheduling an appointment.
  • Take Advantage of Preventive Care: Many Argus Dental plans cover⁤ preventive care ​like cleanings ‌and exams at 100%. These services are ⁢not only important⁣ for your oral health, ⁤but they can also help you ⁤avoid more costly procedures‌ down the line.

It’s also worth noting that Argus Dental offers a feature called “rollover max,”‍ which‌ allows ⁢you to roll over a⁢ portion of your unused annual⁣ maximum to the ‌next plan year.⁣ Be sure to check if your plan includes this benefit and how it works.

Benefit In-Network Cost Out-of-Network Cost
Cleaning $0 Varies
Filling 80% covered 50% covered
Crown 50%⁣ covered Not⁢ covered

Remember, staying ​informed about your Argus Dental coverage ⁤and taking proactive⁢ steps can help⁤ you keep ⁢your teeth healthy and your wallet happy!


Q: What is Argus Dental?
A: Argus Dental ​is a dental⁤ insurance company‌ that offers​ a variety ‍of dental plans‌ for individuals, families, and employer groups.

Q: What types of ⁤dental plans does Argus Dental⁢ offer?
A:⁣ Argus Dental offers⁤ a range of dental ⁤plans including PPO plans, DHMO plans, and discount plans, as well as vision and prescription discount plans.

Q: How ​can I find‍ a dentist⁤ that accepts Argus​ Dental insurance?
A: You can use Argus Dental’s provider search tool on their website ⁣to find a dentist in‌ your area that accepts their insurance plans.

Q: What is the ⁢cost of ⁢Argus Dental insurance?
A: The cost ⁢of⁤ Argus Dental insurance⁣ varies depending on the type of​ plan and coverage‌ you choose. ⁢You can get a personalized quote by contacting Argus Dental directly.

Q: What are some of the benefits⁣ of choosing Argus Dental insurance?
A: Some benefits of⁣ choosing Argus Dental insurance ‍include access to⁤ a large network of dental providers, affordable coverage‌ options, and additional discount‍ plans for vision and prescriptions.

Q: Can I ​purchase Argus Dental insurance as ⁣an individual?
A: Yes, Argus Dental offers individual ⁣dental plans ⁢that you can purchase directly from ⁢their website or through a licensed ​agent.

Q: ⁢How do I file a claim with Argus Dental?
A: You can file a claim with Argus Dental by submitting a claim form ‌along with any necessary ⁤documentation, ⁢such as ‍receipts ⁢for dental ‌services, ‍to their ⁢claims department. Claims⁤ can typically be ⁢submitted online or through the mail. ⁤

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Argus Dental offers a⁤ comprehensive range⁣ of dental plans that cater to individuals, families, and groups.⁣ With a focus on affordable and⁢ accessible ⁣oral care, their network of‌ providers ⁣and commitment to⁣ customer satisfaction make them ⁢a viable option for those seeking quality dental ‍coverage. Whether you are in need of ⁣routine cleanings or more extensive dental work,​ Argus Dental strives to ⁣provide the ⁣services and support necessary ⁤to maintain optimal ⁢oral health. If you are ‍considering a dental plan, be sure to explore the ​options offered by Argus Dental to find the coverage that‍ best meets​ your needs.


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