Who ⁢is Axl Rose’s partner? Stephanie⁣ Seymour is⁤ a renowned supermodel who gained fame in the 90s for her ‍work with top‍ fashion brands and‍ appearances on magazine covers. Born ‍and raised in‌ San Diego, California, Seymour’s interest ‍in ⁢the fashion industry sparked at a young ​age.⁣ Her passion for⁢ modeling and ⁤dedication to her craft⁣ led⁤ her to ⁣work with prominent designers such as⁤ Versace,⁤ Chanel, ‍and Victoria’s ‌Secret. She was also featured in music videos for famous artists, further solidifying her status ⁢as⁢ a ​fashion icon.

Aside from ⁣her ⁤modeling ​career, Seymour has a keen interest in art and interior design. She​ frequently⁣ shares her love⁤ for collecting unique ⁣artwork and her talent for ‍decorating homes. Additionally, she enjoys ‍traveling to exotic destinations, indulging in various cuisines, and exploring different cultures. Seymour’s active⁢ lifestyle and⁢ philanthropic efforts demonstrate her commitment to ⁤making ​a​ positive impact on the ⁤world.