Ben Savage: A Journey Through Movies and TV Shows

Ben Savage is a beloved actor who has been acting since he was a young child. He has starred in dozens of films and TV shows, but is best known for his iconic role as Cory Matthews on the hit show Boy Meets World.

From Disney Channel classics to comedies to romantic comedies, Ben Savage has become a well-known face in Hollywood.

Who is Ben Savage

Ben Savage has been acting for more than three decades, appearing in numerous films and television shows. He is best known for his iconic role as Cory Matthews on the hit show Boy Meets World, which ran from 1993 to 2000.

Ben Savage has made an invaluable contribution to the film and television industry. His iconic role as Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World was a beloved part of many people’s childhoods, and he has continued to entertain audiences with his talent and humor in subsequent projects.

Ben Savage’s Movies

Notable movies he has appeared in

1. The Wonder Years

Ben Savage has appeared in numerous movies over the years, including The Wonder Years (1988), Little Monsters (1989), Clifford (1994), and Big Daddy (1999). In The Wonder Years, he played Kevin Arnold, a young boy growing up in the late 1960s. In Little Monsters, he starred as Brian Stevenson, a young boy who befriends a friendly monster.

In The Wonder Years, Ben Savage played Kevin Arnold, a sensitive and thoughtful boy who learns valuable life lessons as he navigates his way through adolescence. His performance was praised by critics for its subtlety and genuine emotion. In Little Monsters, he played Brian Stevenson, a brave and determined young boy who is not afraid to make friends with the monster living in his backyard.

2. She’s All That

Ben Savage also appeared in the romantic comedy She’s All That (1999) alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. In the movie, Ben plays Zack Siler, a high school heartthrob who bets his friends that he can turn an unpopular girl into a prom queen.

In She’s All That, Ben Savage plays Zack Siler, a popular and confident high school student. His performance is full of charm and wit, and his chemistry with Rachael Leigh Cook is undeniable. He brings a lightheartedness to the film that audiences love.

Evaluation of his acting skills and versatility in movie roles

Ben Savage’s TV Shows

Most famous TV show

1. Boy Meets World

Ben Savage’s most famous role is as Cory Matthews on the hit show Boy Meets World, which ran from 1993 to 2000. The series followed the life of Cory and his friends as they navigated their way through adolescence in Philadelphia.

In Boy Meets World, Ben Savage played Cory Matthews, a lovable and relatable teenager who was struggling to find his place in the world. His performance captured the hearts of millions of viewers, and his chemistry with co-star Rider Strong was undeniable.

Boy Meets World was an instant success and one of the most beloved shows of its era. It aired for seven seasons, won several awards, and was nominated for numerous others. The show has also been praised for its positive messages about family, friendship, and growing up.

Other significant TV shows he has appeared in

Ben Savage has also appeared in several other TV shows, including The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004) and Chuck (2007-2012). In The Wild Thornberrys, he voiced the character of Nigel Thornberry, an adventurous filmmaker who travels the world with his family.

In The Wild Thornberrys, Ben Savage voiced Nigel Thornberry, a goofy and lovable character. His performance was praised for its comedic timing and his ability to capture the spirit of the character. He also had recurring roles in Chuck and Bones.

Ben Savage is a talented actor who has been able to successfully portray a variety of characters on both film and television. He can be seen as the lovable Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World, the adventurous Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys, and the brave Brian Stevenson in Little Monsters.

Ben Savage’s Career Achievements and Awards

Ben Savage has received critical acclaim for many of his notable roles. He won four Young Artist Awards for his performance in Boy Meets World and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award as well. Savage also won a Blimp Award from Nickelodeon for Favorite TV Actor in 2003.

Ben Savage is a beloved actor who has left an indelible mark on viewers. His performance in Boy Meets World was praised for its warmth and authenticity, and the show continues to be a favorite of fans worldwide. He has also been recognized for his ability to portray diverse characters in different roles across film and television.


Ben Savage is an accomplished actor who has made a lasting impact on viewers through his roles in movies and television shows. His performance in She’s All That is full of charm and wit, while Boy Meets World showcased his ability to bring complexity and relatability to Cory Matthews.



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