The Cast of “You” Season 3: Meet the Familiar Faces and New Additions

The third season of the hit Netflix series “You” is finally here and the anticipation for its return hasinthisinstallment of the show.

Fortunately, they won’t have to wait any longer as cast details for You season 3 have finally been revealed. From returning favorites to next been presented high.

What is the “You” series

The Netflix series “You” debuted in 2018 and quickly became a hit among viewers due to its thrilling plot and intense characters. The show follows Joe Goldberg, a dangerously obsessive bookstore manager who will do anything to get closer to the object of his affection, Beck.

Now, with the third season premiering, fans of “You” are eager to find out who will be joining the cast and what exciting new plotlines will be presented in this installment of the show. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait any longer as cast details for You season 3 have finally been revealed.

Returning Main Cast Members

Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley)

1. Recap of Joe’s character in previous seasons

The main protagonist of the show, Joe Goldberg, is played by actor Penn Badgley. Joe is introduced as a bookstore manager in the first season, who becomes obsessed with Beck and will do anything to get closer to her.

2. Discussion of Joe’s role and development in Season 3

Joe Goldberg is back in Season 3, but with a new identity and a new mission. With his new identity of Will Bettelheim, Joe is determined to leave his old life behind and start fresh. But while he may be trying to move on from his past, it’s clear that the events of the past two seasons have had a lasting effect on him, and he is determined to not let his obsession get the best of him this time.

Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti)

1. Recap of Love’s character in previous seasons

Love Quinn is Joe’s new love interest in Season 3, played by actress Victoria Pedretti. Love is introduced as a chef and the owner of a local health food store in Los Angeles. In Season 2, she meets Joe while he is working at the store and quickly develops feelings for him.

2. Discussion of Love’s role and development in Season 3

Love Quinn is back in Season 3 with a more important role than before. While in the first two seasons Love was just starting to develop her relationship with Joe, this season she is determined to get to know him on a deeper level and understand his past.

New Main Cast Members

Ellie Alves (played by Jenna Ortega)

1. Introduction to Ellie’s character and background

Ellie Alves is a brand new addition to the cast of You Season 3, played by actress Jenna Ortega. She is introduced as an intelligent and resourceful teen living in Los Angeles with her mother. Ellie is determined to uncover secrets and uncover truths about people around her, particularly Joe Goldberg.

2. Speculation on Ellie’s role in Season 3 and potential storyline

Ellie Alves is one of the most intriguing new characters introduced in Season 3, and fans are eager to find out what role she will play in this installment of the show. While her exact role has yet to be revealed, some fans have speculated that Ellie may become a victim of Joe Goldberg’s dangerous obsession. If this is true, it will be interesting to see how Ellie’s story will play out and how she will handle the situation.

Marienne (played by Saffron Burrows)

1. Introduction to Marienne’s character and occupation

Marienne is a new character in Season 3 of “You,” played by actress Saffron Burrows. She is introduced as a successful entrepreneur who runs her own business, and has a no-nonsense attitude that she brings to everything she does.

2. Speculation on Marienne’s connection to the main characters and her impact on the story

Marienne appears to have some connection to the main characters in Season 3, though her exact role is not yet known. Some fans speculate that she may be related or connected to Joe in some way, while others think she could be a potential love interest for him.

Supporting Cast Members

Delilah Alves (played by Carmela Zumbado)

1. Recap of Delilah’s character in previous seasons

Delilah Alves is the younger sister of Ellie Alves, played by actress Carmela Zumbado. She was first introduced in Season 2 as a smart and ambitious young woman who is determined to make something of herself despite her family’s difficult circumstances.

2. Discussion of Delilah’s potential presence in Season 3 (flashbacks or references)

It is unclear whether or not Delilah will have a direct role in Season 3, but it is likely that she will be referenced or appear in flashbacks. In the previous season, we saw her start to develop feelings for Joe and become increasingly curious about his past.

Forty Quinn (played by James Scully)

1. Recap of Forty’s character in previous seasons

Forty Quinn is Lov’s self-absorbed and often irritable brother, played by actress Jams Scully. In the previous seasons of “You”, Forty struggled to balance his own interests with th nds of his family, sometimes putting him at odds with Lov and Jo. While h has a loyal side that only comes out when it counts, Forty is not above making selfish decisions or using others for his own benefits.

2. Discussion of Forty’s potential presence in Season 3 (flashbacks or references)

It is unclear whether or not Forty will make a direct appearance in Season 3, but it is likely that he will be referenced or appear in flashbacks. In the previous season we saw him become increasingly jealous of Joe and Love’s relationship, and as their story continues to unfold it is possible that Forty’s presence may still be felt.

Possible Surprise Cameos and Guest Appearances

There is much speculation surrounding potential surprise cameos and guest appearances from characters from previous seasons in the upcoming season of “You”. Some of the names being mentioned are Beck (played by Elizabeth Lail), Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) and Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers).

It is possible that there could be some surprising celebrity cameos in Season 3 of “You” that could add an extra level of intrigue and excitement to the show. Some rumored potential cameos include Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, and actor/ comedian Kevin Hart. While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans of the show will be eager to see who could make a surprise cameo in Season 3.


Season 3 of “You” is sure to be an exciting ride filled with suspense, mystery, and plenty of unexpected twists. Fans can expect to see the return of some beloved characters from previous seasons as well as some intriguing new additions, including surprise celebrity cameos. Delilah Alves and Forty Quinn both look to have interesting storylines that will keep viewers hooked until the season’s dramatic finale.


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