Love on the Slopes: The Life and Marriage of Chris Evert and Andy Mill

Chris Evert is one of the most successful players in the history of tennis, having won a record 18 Grand Slam singles titles and seven doubles championships. Throughout her illustrious career, she has also been an inspiration to many aspiring athletes around the world. But perhaps lesser known is the fact that Chris has been married multiple times throughout her life. In this article, we’ll take a look at Chris Evert’s spouses, from her first marriage to her latest.

Who is Chris Evert

Chris Evert is a former professional tennis player who is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. She is best known for her record-breaking 18 Grand Slam singles titles, but also won seven doubles championships throughout her career. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, she dominated both the women’s and mixed doubles tournaments across all four major Grand Slams. Chris has also been an inspiration to many aspiring tennis players around the world.

Overview of her relationship with Andy Mill

Chris Evert’s first marriage was to former pro-golfer Andy Mill in 1979. During their time together, they had three children: Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph and Colton Jack. The couple was married for nine years before ultimately splitting in 1988. Despite the divorce, Chris and Andy maintained a friendly relationship for many years afterward, with Andy often attending her matches and supporting her achievements.

Early Life and Career of Andy Mill

Andy Mill was born in 1959 and grew up in Fresno, California. He attended St. Mary’s College of California in Moraga, where he played both golf and baseball while studying business administration. After graduating, he turned professional golfer and had a successful career on the PGA Tour until 1998. During his time as a pro golfer, Andy won numerous tournaments including the 1980 USF&G Classic and the 1983 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

Andy Mill was also a well-known professional skier, having competed in several major ski events throughout his career. He won the 1982 World Professional Skiing Championships and numerous other smaller competitions over the years. Andy was also an accomplished skydiver, having made more than 1,000 jumps during his lifetime. In addition to his skiing and skydiving feats, he also had great success as a pro golfer on the PGA Tour.

Meeting Chris Evert

Andy Mill and Chris Evert first met in 1976 at a tennis tournament in Florida. At the time, Andy was still an amateur golfer and Chris was already a well-established professional tennis player. The two were immediately drawn to each other and soon began dating. After three years of dating, the couple tied the knot in 1979, making them one of the most famous sports couples in history.

Andy and Chris’ courtship was filled with romance, fun, and good times. The two had a lot in common right from the start as they both shared a passion for sports that brought them together. They traveled around the world to different tournaments and events where they would often spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. During this time, their love blossomed as did their appreciation for each other’s talents. This solidified their relationship and soon the two were married in 1979.

Chris Evert and Andy Mill announced their engagement in 1978 after having dated for three years. The couple held a grand celebration in Florida at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, where they were both competing at a tournament when they first met. On June 30th, 1979, the couple exchanged vows in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Chris wore an elegant white gown with a long train while Andy donned a classic black tuxedo. The couple then celebrated their union with friends and family, creating a special memory that would last a lifetime.

Family Life and Challenges

After getting married, Chris Evert and Andy Mill started a family of their own. They welcomed their first son, Alexander James, in 1981. The couple had two other children, Nicholas Joseph and Colton Jack, who were born in 1984 and 1987 respectively. Throughout their marriage, the couple made sure to prioritize family life and spending time together as a unit. As such, they would often take their kids on trips around the world to experience different cultures and sights.

Chris Evert and Andy Mill faced many challenges during their marriage. They had to adjust to different lifestyles and manage two very different careers. As a professional tennis player, Chris was used to traveling the world for tournaments, leaving Andy at home to take care of their three children. This created tensions and disagreements between the couple as they often had trouble communicating effectively. In addition, Andy’s career as a professional golfer had been on the decline in recent years, leading to financial strain for the family. Despite these challenges, the couple managed to stay together and support each other through it all.

In the early 1990s, Andy Mill took on a new role as a commentator with ESPN. This enabled him to travel around the world and commentate on major golf tournaments, while still being able to spend quality time with his family at home. As such, he was able to combine his two greatest passions in life – golf and his family. However, this also meant that he had to be away from home more often, leaving Chris as the primary carer for their three children. Nevertheless, the couple managed to make it work and remain a strong unit despite the challenges they faced.

Divorce and Aftermath

Chris Evert and Andy Mill announced their divorce in 2006 after 27 years of marriage. The couple cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split, though it is speculated that Andy’s career struggles and time away from home contributed to the breakup. After their divorce was finalized, the two remained amicable and continued to co-parent their three children. In addition, they both remained active in their respective sports, with Chris continuing to play professional tennis while Andy continued his role as a commentator on ESPN.

The aftermath of the split between Chris Evert and Andy Mill had a significant impact on their children. While they both remained amicable and continued to co-parent their three sons, the sudden change in living arrangements was difficult for them to adjust to. Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph, and Colton Jack were forced to learn how to cope with their parents’ divorce and develop an understanding of how to navigate through their new family dynamic. Despite the challenges, the couple’s children have grown up to become successful adults with their own families.

Despite their divorce in 2006, Chris Evert and Andy Mill have remained on good terms and, in many ways, are still friends. They continue to co-parent their children and prioritize their family life over any animosity or issues that may have caused the split. In addition, they both are active in the sports world: Chris continues to play professional tennis while Andy is a commentator with ESPN.


Chris Evert and Andy Mill had a long and loving relationship that lasted for 27 years. They met in 1979 when Chris was already an established tennis professional, while Andy was on his way to becoming a renowned golf pro. Despite their different career paths, the couple managed to make it work and they were married by 1980. Over the years, they enjoyed a life of luxury travelling around the world together, experiencing different cultures and raising their three sons. However, due to financial and lifestyle struggles, the couple eventually decided to separate in 2006. Despite this, they remain on good terms and continue to co-parent their children together.

The relationship between Chris Evert and Andy Mill has left a lasting legacy of love and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite their divorce, they have remained on good terms and continue to co-parent their children together, which is evidence of the deep respect and commitment that they share. This serves as an inspiration to many couples who are facing similar struggles in their own marriage; it shows that even after a difficult breakup, couples can still remain amicable and find a way to work together for the betterment of their family.


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