Discover the Charm of 10313 Georgia Avenue

10313 Georgia Avenue is a property located in the vibrant and bustling city of [City Name]. This address⁤ has ‌attracted attention in recent ⁣years due to its prime location, unique architecture, and potential for development. In this article, ⁣we will delve into the history of 10313 Georgia Avenue, explore its ‍current state, and discuss the future prospects for this notable property. Whether you are a local resident, a potential⁤ investor, or simply curious⁤ about the⁣ significance of this address, read on to discover ‍more about 10313 Georgia Avenue.

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Exploring the History of 10313 Georgia Avenue

Located in ⁢the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland, this building has seen its fair share of history. Originally constructed in the early ‍20th century, it‌ has housed⁣ various businesses and residents throughout the years. From a local grocery ​store to a bustling restaurant, each occupant has left their mark on the structure and contributed to its‌ rich history.

One of the ⁤most ⁣notable periods in the building’s history was during the 1950s and 1960s. During this time, the area was experiencing rapid⁢ growth and development. As‌ a result, the building underwent several renovations and expansions‍ to accommodate the increasing demand for commercial space. Some of the key changes included:

  • New storefronts were added to the ⁢ground floor
  • Second-floor office space was developed
  • A modern facade was installed to attract more businesses

Despite these ‍changes, the building has managed to maintain its original charm and character. Today, it stands as a testament to‌ the area’s history and continues to be a beloved landmark for locals and visitors alike.

Year Occupant Significant Event
1920s Local Grocery Store Opening of the first​ business
1950s-1960s Various Businesses Renovations and expansions
Present Day Mixed-use ‍Commercial and Residential Historic landmark status

The Architectural Significance of 10313 Georgia Avenue

Located in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland, this⁢ building stands as a testament to⁣ the modernist architectural movement of the ​mid-20th century. The ‌structure was designed by renowned architect, Charles ⁢Goodman, who was known for his innovative use of materials and minimalist aesthetic. The building’s‍ clean lines, geometric shapes, and large windows are characteristic of Goodman’s style and the‍ modernist era.

The building’s significance⁢ extends beyond its architectural design. It was one⁤ of the⁢ first commercial buildings in the area to ⁤incorporate green space into its design. The inclusion of a landscaped courtyard provided a welcome respite from ‌the urban environment and set a precedent for future developments in the area. The building also features a unique curtain wall system, ⁣which allows for natural light to flood⁤ the interior spaces, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

  • Architect: Charles Goodman
  • Year Built: 1962
  • Style: Modernist
  • Materials: Concrete, Glass
  • Notable Features: Curtain Wall System, Landscaped Courtyard
Feature Description
Curtain Wall System Allows for natural light and provides insulation
Landscaped Courtyard Green space in an urban environment

Overall, the building at ‌ 10313 Georgia⁣ Avenue is not ​only an important piece of architectural history but also​ a forward-thinking example ‍of incorporating nature into urban design. Its legacy continues ⁢to⁢ influence the ⁣architectural landscape of ‍Silver Spring and beyond.

Local Attractions and Amenities Near 10313 Georgia ⁤Avenue

If you’re considering a move to 10313 ⁣Georgia Avenue, you’ll be pleased to know that the area is bustling​ with local attractions and amenities that cater to a variety of interests.​ For the ⁣nature enthusiasts, Wheaton Regional Park is⁤ just a short drive away, offering peaceful​ walking trails, a beautiful botanical garden, and a playground for⁤ the‍ kids.

For those​ who enjoy a little retail therapy, Westfield ⁣Wheaton Shopping Center is within walking‍ distance, featuring a wide range of‌ stores and dining options. Additionally, the Wheaton Library⁢ and Community Recreation Center is conveniently located nearby, providing residents with access to a variety of educational resources and activities.

  • Wheaton Regional Park
  • Westfield Wheaton Shopping Center
  • Wheaton Library and Community Recreation Center

Furthermore, foodies will love the diverse selection of restaurants in ⁢the area, serving up everything from authentic Mexican cuisine to Italian favorites. Some popular ‌spots include Los Chorros Restaurant and Full⁢ Key Restaurant.

Restaurant Cuisine
Los Chorros Restaurant Mexican
Full Key Restaurant Chinese

Overall,​ 10313 Georgia Avenue offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, shopping, and dining options that make it an ideal place for anyone ‍looking to enjoy the conveniences of city living while still‌ being close to outdoor ‌spaces.


Q: What is the significance of 10313 Georgia Avenue?
A: 10313 Georgia Avenue holds significance as a potential landmark or location of interest.

Q: What is the history of 10313 Georgia ‍Avenue?
A: The history of 10313 Georgia Avenue may vary depending on‍ the‌ specific context ⁣or location in which it is referenced.

Q:‍ Where ‍is 10313 Georgia Avenue located?
A: 10313 Georgia Avenue is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, a⁤ suburb of Washington, D.C.

Q: What can⁣ be found at 10313 Georgia‌ Avenue?
A: 10313‍ Georgia‌ Avenue is primarily a commercial area with ‌a variety of businesses and⁢ establishments.

Q: Is 10313‌ Georgia Avenue a residential or commercial area?
A: 10313 Georgia Avenue is primarily a commercial area, with businesses and ‍establishments ⁢occupying the space.

Q: Are there any notable landmarks‍ or attractions near 10313 Georgia Avenue?
A: There are several notable landmarks and attractions near 10313 Georgia Avenue, including shopping centers, restaurants, ⁢and other⁣ commercial establishments.

Q: What is⁣ the demographic⁢ makeup of the ‌area surrounding 10313 ⁣Georgia Avenue?
A: The demographic makeup ⁢of the area surrounding 10313 Georgia Avenue is diverse and may vary depending on the specific location within the Silver Spring community.

Insights and Conclusions

In conclusion, 10313⁤ Georgia Avenue stands as a well-established​ address in ‍the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. With its historical significance and​ prime location,‌ this address continues ⁢to be a notable landmark in the area. Whether you are a local resident or ​a visitor, 10313⁤ Georgia Avenue is one place ​worth exploring for its rich heritage and vibrant surroundings.


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