Divan Atlanta: The Ultimate Guide to Upscale Dining

Divan Atlanta ⁤is a‌ popular⁤ Mediterranean⁢ and⁢ Turkish restaurant located in the⁣ heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Serving up a ⁣delicious array of ⁣authentic dishes, Divan has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists⁢ alike​ looking for a ‌taste of the Mediterranean. With ⁤its stylish⁢ and inviting interior, friendly service, and an extensive menu, Divan offers a dining experience ⁢that is​ both enjoyable‌ and memorable. In ​this article, ‍we ‌will ⁣take ⁢a closer ​look at what makes Divan Atlanta⁤ stand out from other restaurants in the area and what you can ⁤expect when you visit.

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Exploring ⁢the Comfort and Style⁤ of Divan Atlanta

If you’re looking for a combination of comfort and style, look no‌ further than Divan ‌Atlanta. With its sleek design and plush seating, ​it’s the perfect addition to any living ‌room or lounge area.‌ The Divan Atlanta comes in ​a variety ‍of colors and fabrics, allowing you to customize it to match your decor.

Not only is⁢ the Divan Atlanta ‌stylish, but it’s ‌also ⁣ functional. ⁢It ‍features a built-in storage compartment, ‌perfect for‍ stashing away blankets or pillows. ⁢And with its sturdy construction, you can rest assured that it will last for ‍years to come. ⁢Check out‌ the ‌following table for⁢ the ⁣available‌ colors and materials:

Color Material
Charcoal Grey Velvet
Sapphire Blue Microfiber
Classic Beige Linen

Whether you’re lounging with ⁤a good ⁢book or entertaining guests, the Divan Atlanta is sure to be ‍a‍ hit. Its elegant design and versatile functionality make ​it ‌a must-have for any modern home. Upgrade⁢ your space ​with⁣ the Divan Atlanta and enjoy the perfect blend of ​comfort and style.

A Guide to⁤ the ‌Best Dishes ​at ⁢Divan Atlanta

If you’re ​looking for a delicious dining experience in Atlanta, ⁢look no further than Divan. This Mediterranean-inspired‍ restaurant offers a variety of dishes that will satisfy any palate. One ‍of the standout dishes is the Lamb Shank, which is slow-cooked to perfection and served with a​ rich and flavorful sauce. ⁢Another must-try ‍is the Grilled Octopus,‌ which ‌is⁢ marinated in a blend of Mediterranean‌ spices and grilled to perfection.

For those who prefer vegetarian options, the Stuffed Eggplant is a popular choice. It’s filled with a‌ mixture of vegetables, herbs, and ⁤spices, and topped with a tangy tomato sauce. ⁤Another favorite among vegetarians is the Falafel⁤ Plate, which comes​ with crispy falafel, hummus, and⁤ a ‍refreshing cucumber salad.

Here is a list of some of the top dishes ⁤at Divan:

  • Lamb Shank
  • Grilled Octopus
  • Stuffed Eggplant
  • Falafel Plate
  • Mixed⁤ Grill Platter
  • Baklava

Don’t forget‍ to​ save room​ for‍ dessert, as Divan’s Baklava is‌ a must-try. ⁢The ⁣flaky pastry is ⁢filled with nuts​ and honey, making for a sweet and satisfying end to your meal.

Making the Most ‍of Your Dining⁢ Experience​ at Divan Atlanta

When⁣ visiting Divan Atlanta, a ⁢Mediterranean and Persian ‌fusion restaurant, there are‌ a few ​tips to make your dining experience unforgettable.‌ First and‌ foremost, be sure to⁢ make a⁤ reservation. This popular spot can get quite busy, especially on‌ weekends, and you don’t want ⁤to miss‍ out on the ‍delicious cuisine⁤ and vibrant ‍atmosphere.

Once ⁣you’re seated,⁤ take a moment to peruse the menu and consider ordering a variety of dishes⁤ to share with⁤ your table. The menu features an array of mezze, or small plates, that are perfect for sampling and sharing. ‌Some must-try dishes include the hummus, falafel,⁤ and stuffed grape leaves. Don’t forget⁣ to pair your meal with a glass of wine from their​ extensive wine list or a⁣ signature cocktail, like the ‌Persian Lemonade.

  • Make a reservation
  • Order ‍a ⁢variety of mezze to share
  • Pair your ⁣meal with a glass⁤ of wine or⁢ signature cocktail
Dish Price
Hummus $7
Falafel $8
Stuffed Grape Leaves $9

Lastly,​ be sure to save room for dessert.​ The baklava is a crowd favorite, with its layers of flaky ⁢pastry, nuts, and honey. Enjoy ⁤your time at‍ Divan Atlanta ⁤and savor‍ the flavors of the Mediterranean⁢ and Persia.


Q: What is Divan Atlanta?
A: ​Divan Atlanta is⁣ a ​luxury hotel located in ​the heart of Atlanta, offering ⁢elegant accommodations and top-notch service for business and leisure travelers.

Q: What amenities does Divan‍ Atlanta offer?
A: The hotel offers a range of amenities including ⁢a fitness center, spa services,⁤ a rooftop pool,⁢ multiple dining options, and meeting and event spaces.

Q: What ⁣types of rooms​ are available at Divan Atlanta?
A: The hotel offers a variety of ⁤room options including standard‌ guest ⁣rooms, suites, and ​executive ⁤apartments, all tastefully ⁢decorated and well-equipped​ with‍ modern conveniences.

Q: Is Divan Atlanta conveniently located?
A: Yes, the hotel is centrally located in downtown Atlanta, making ⁣it easy for ‍guests to ⁣explore‌ the city’s ⁣attractions, dining,⁤ and entertainment options.

Q: What sets Divan​ Atlanta apart from other ⁣hotels in the area?
A: Divan ‌Atlanta‍ prides itself on its exceptional⁤ service, ‌luxurious ⁢accommodations, and⁣ attention to detail, making it a top choice for discerning travelers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Divan Atlanta offers a unique blend‍ of ⁣Turkish ‍hospitality and‌ modern luxury in⁣ the heart of downtown Atlanta. ⁤With its elegant ⁢accommodations, world-class dining, and attentive service,⁤ it is an ideal choice for both business and leisure ⁣travelers. Whether you ⁤are visiting the city ‍for a weekend getaway or a corporate event, Divan Atlanta provides a ⁤welcoming and comfortable retreat. We ​hope this⁤ article⁢ has‍ provided valuable insight ‍ into⁢ the ‌hotel’s offerings and amenities, and​ we encourage you to consider Divan Atlanta⁤ for your‌ next stay in Atlanta.


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