The Best Emily Blunt Movies

Are ⁣you ⁣a big fan‍ of Emily⁤ Blunt’s work on ‍the big screen? Whether ⁢you love​ her⁢ in romantic comedies, action⁣ films, or‍ thrillers, she has ⁣definitely made ⁢her⁤ mark in Hollywood. In ‌this‌ article, we’ll take a look​ at some of the⁣ best ⁢movies that Emily ‍Blunt has starred in and why they are⁤ worth a watch. ⁢So grab some popcorn and get ready to dive ‌into the world of Emily Blunt⁣ movies!

Action-packed Adventure Films Starring Emily Blunt

If you’re a‌ fan of action-packed ⁢adventure films, then you’ll love​ watching Emily Blunt ⁢take on thrilling ​roles in some of Hollywood’s most exciting‌ movies. Blunt ⁣is ​known for her ‍versatility as an ⁢actress, and​ she has proven ⁣that ​she can ⁢hold her​ own ‌in ⁢high-energy, adrenaline-pumping films. ​Here are a few of⁢ her top action-packed ​adventure movies that are definitely worth a⁤ watch:

Edge‍ of⁣ Tomorrow (2014)

This sci-fi action film stars‍ Emily Blunt alongside ‍Tom Cruise, ‌as they battle an ‍alien⁣ race in a time loop that ⁤forces them to ​relive the same⁤ deadly ⁤battle over and over ‍again. Blunt’s‍ character, Rita Vrataski, is a ‍fierce ‌and⁣ skilled ​soldier who helps Cruise’s character navigate the ⁢dangerous and repetitive ‌world they are stuck in.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

This fantasy adventure film features Blunt⁢ as Freya, ​the Ice Queen, who ‌possesses the ​power to‍ freeze ⁤her ‌enemies. Blunt’s character is both powerful and complex, ‌adding depth to ⁣this action-packed fairy tale.

Sicario ⁢(2015)

In this intense​ crime thriller, Emily Blunt plays​ an ​FBI⁣ agent who gets involved in the escalating drug war ‌at the U.S.-Mexico border. ⁤Blunt’s character, Kate​ Macer,⁢ finds herself in increasingly dangerous and morally ambiguous situations as she tries⁢ to navigate the complex ⁤world of drug cartels ⁢and law enforcement.

Romantic‌ Comedies Featuring Emily Blunt’s ⁢Charming Performances

Emily Blunt ⁤is known⁤ for her ​charming ‌and endearing performances in‌ romantic comedies, bringing her unique blend ‍of ⁤wit and charisma to the screen. If you’re a​ fan of romantic comedies​ and enjoy⁣ Emily Blunt’s work, here are some must-watch movies featuring her delightful performances:

The ⁢Devil Wears ⁢Prada (2006)

This‌ classic romantic comedy‍ features⁢ Emily Blunt as the stylish‍ and sharp-tongued ‍assistant, Emily Charlton. Her⁤ scenes with ‌Anne Hathaway and⁢ Meryl Streep ⁤are pure comedic gold, making this⁢ film a must-see for fans of ‌Emily Blunt’s work.

The Five-Year ‌Engagement (2012)

In this charming ‍comedy, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel play a couple facing the⁤ ups and downs of ⁢a long engagement. Blunt’s ⁤portrayal ⁢of the quirky and lovable Violet Barnes is sure ⁣to win over‌ your heart.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011)

Emily ‍Blunt stars alongside​ Ewan McGregor in this heartwarming ⁢romantic comedy about an unusual project to bring salmon⁢ fishing to the desert. Blunt’s‍ performance as the optimistic Harriet Chetwode-Talbot ⁢adds a touch of ⁢enchantment to this delightful film.

These are just a ⁣few examples of Emily ⁢Blunt’s charming performances ⁤in romantic comedies. Whether you’re in‌ the mood ⁣for ⁢laughter, ⁤love, or a delightful ‍combination of both, these ​movies ⁢are sure to​ entertain and enchant you.

Emily Blunt’s⁢ Standout Dramatic ​Roles⁢ on ‍the Big​ Screen

From ‌playing⁤ a tough-as-nails FBI agent in “Sicario” to portraying⁢ the ⁤complex​ and troubled‌ alcoholic Rachel Watson ​in “The Girl on the‍ Train,” Emily ‌Blunt has proven‌ herself to be ⁣a versatile and talented ‍dramatic actress ‌on the big‌ screen. Here are​ a few of ⁣her standout ⁤dramatic roles ​that⁣ have solidified her as a ⁤force‌ to⁢ be⁤ reckoned with⁤ in the world of cinema:

The‌ Devil Wears Prada (2006)

In⁣ this iconic ‌film, Blunt portrays the stylish but‍ snarky​ assistant to the‌ ruthless fashion magazine‌ editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Her ⁢performance in this ⁣role earned her critical acclaim and showcased ‌her ability to hold⁤ her ⁣own ⁢alongside Hollywood heavyweights.

Edge of​ Tomorrow (2014)

Blunt takes on the role of Rita ⁢Vrataski, a skilled warrior in a⁤ futuristic war against alien invaders. Her character is tough, determined,⁣ and unrelenting, and Blunt’s performance garnered praise ⁢for her ⁣ability‌ to embody a strong female lead in an action-packed film.

A⁣ Quiet‍ Place (2018)

In this nail-biting horror thriller, Blunt stars as Evelyn Abbott, a mother trying to ⁢protect​ her family in⁣ a world overrun by deadly creatures that⁤ hunt by ‌sound. ‌Her performance⁣ is hauntingly powerful, and⁢ she delivers a raw and emotional portrayal of ⁢a​ woman⁢ facing unimaginable challenges.

Whether she’s wielding a weapon⁢ on the⁣ battlefield or delving ⁤into ‌the depths of⁤ human emotion, Emily Blunt has proven time and time again that she​ is a standout talent​ in the world of dramatic‌ cinema. Her diverse range of roles and ‍ability to bring depth to​ complex characters make her a force to​ be reckoned with in⁢ Hollywood.

Must-watch​ Emily Blunt Movies for Fans​ of Thrillers⁤ and Suspense

If you’re‍ a fan ‍of heart-pounding thrillers ​and ⁢edge-of-your-seat suspense,‌ then you’ll ‍definitely ‌want​ to add these must-watch ‍Emily⁢ Blunt movies to ⁣your ​watchlist. Known for ​her captivating performances and ability to immerse herself in complex and⁤ compelling characters, ⁤Emily‍ Blunt⁤ has starred ‌in⁤ a⁢ number of​ thrilling films that are sure to​ keep you on the edge​ of ⁢your seat.

Check ‌out these top Emily Blunt⁣ movies for fans of ​thrillers ⁣and suspense:

  • Sicario ⁤ – In this intense ⁢crime thriller, Blunt plays an ‍FBI agent who is ‍recruited to join a task force targeting a Mexican drug cartel.
  • The Girl on⁣ the Train ​-​ Blunt takes on the role of an alcoholic divorcee who becomes ⁣entangled in ⁢a missing persons investigation in ‌this gripping mystery thriller.
  • The⁤ Adjustment Bureau – ‌This sci-fi thriller⁤ sees ‌Blunt alongside Matt⁢ Damon as they ‍navigate a‍ mysterious organization that ​controls the fate‍ of⁢ individuals.

These​ are ‌just a few ​of Emily⁣ Blunt’s‌ standout performances ⁢in‌ thrilling and ​suspenseful‍ movies, ⁢and they are definitely worth adding‌ to ‌your must-watch list.

We’ve reached the end of ‍our article on ‍the best Emily Blunt⁤ movies. From her breakout indie performances to⁤ blockbuster hits, Emily Blunt ‌has certainly ⁣proved her versatility and talent in the world‌ of ​film. Whether it’s her⁣ mesmerizing portrayal of a troubled ⁢alcoholic in “The Girl on the ⁣Train” or her ‌commanding ⁢presence as Mary Poppins​ in the beloved ⁢Disney ‌film, Blunt has undoubtedly⁣ left an indelible ⁢mark ⁣on⁢ the silver screen. ⁤

With ‌a mix of drama, romance, action, ​and comedy, there’s something for everyone in ⁣her⁤ filmography. And ⁢let’s not forget her ⁣captivating performances ⁤alongside⁣ Hollywood heavyweights like Tom Cruise ⁣and ⁢Meryl Streep! It’s clear that ‍Emily Blunt continues to ⁤raise⁣ the ⁣bar with her remarkable ‌acting skills and​ impeccable screen⁤ presence. We can’t⁣ wait to see ⁤what she has ‌in store​ for us in the​ future. So‍ grab ‍some popcorn, settle into your⁤ favorite movie-watching ⁤spot,​ and let the magic of Emily Blunt ‌movies​ transport you to another‍ world. Lights ⁢out, credits ‍roll, and until next​ time, stay entertained!⁤


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