When it comes to the⁤ world of music, it’s always intriguing to explore the ⁢genealogy‌ of talented⁢ individuals and see if there are any ⁤family ‍connections.​ One popular question⁢ that has ​often⁤ arisen ​in the music industry is whether the⁤ renowned singer Norah​ Jones is‌ related to the legendary producer Quincy Jones. Surprisingly, the answer to this question ⁢is yes!

Despite⁣ the 2 different musical ‍talents, Norah Jones⁢ and Quincy Jones are indeed related. ⁤Norah is the ⁤daughter of ⁢the famous Indian‍ sitar virtuoso, Ravi Shankar, and her mother, Sue Jones, ‌who is actually the daughter of ⁤Quincy Jones. This makes ⁤Quincy Jones Norah Jones’​ grandfather, and thus,⁤ the⁣ two artists share⁢ a familial​ connection that adds⁢ an interesting layer to the music ⁤industry.

Relationship Connection
Quincy Jones Grandfather
Ravi Shankar Father