Get to Know Jackie Chan’s Wife: The Complete Guide

Jackie Chan: Exploring the Private Life of the Action Star’s Wife

Jackie Chan, ‍the well-known ⁤martial artist,⁤ actor, and film director, has been in the public eye for decades.‍ However, there is one aspect of his⁢ life that remains relatively private – his⁤ personal relationships. In this article, we’ll take a ‍closer look at‍ the woman behind the action star, Jackie ⁢Chan’s⁤ wife. We’ll explore ​her background, how she met Jackie, and what their​ life⁣ together has been like. Whether you’re ⁤a fan of Jackie Chan’s movies or simply curious about the personal lives of celebrities, read on to learn more about the woman who ⁤has been‍ by his ‍side for​ many years.

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Meet‍ Joan Lin:‌ The Woman Behind Jackie Chan’s Success

Joan Lin is a Taiwanese actress who captured the heart of martial arts superstar Jackie Chan. The ⁤two met in the late⁣ 1970s, and they married in 1982. While Joan Lin ​may ⁣not be as well-known as her husband, ⁤she has been a significant‌ influence on ⁣his life and career.

Joan’s Early⁢ Life and ⁤Career

Joan Lin was born in 1953 in Taiwan.​ She began her ⁣acting career at the age ​of 19‌ and quickly became​ a popular actress in Taiwan, appearing ‌in many films throughout the 1970s. She won a Golden Horse Award for Best‌ Leading Actress in 1979 for her role in “The Story of‌ a Small Town.”

Joan and Jackie’s ​Relationship

Joan ‍and Jackie’s relationship has been ‌kept very private, but it is known ‌that Jackie Chan ⁢credits his wife with helping ⁣him to ⁤become the international superstar‍ he is today. Joan has been described​ as Jackie’s rock and has supported him through the ⁤ups and downs of his career.

Quick Facts Details
Marriage 1982
Awards Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress (1979)
Filmography Featured in ‍over 70 films
Influence Instrumental in Jackie ‌Chan’s success

Despite her success as an actress,‌ Joan⁢ Lin chose⁢ to ​step away from the spotlight to focus on her family. She has been a devoted⁤ wife and ‌mother,⁤ raising ⁣their son Jaycee Chan, who has also pursued a career ‍in the entertainment industry. Joan Lin’s contribution to Jackie Chan’s life and career ‌may not be as visible as his on-screen achievements, ‌but it is undoubtedly just as ‌significant.

Exploring the Private Life of Jackie Chan’s Wife

Lin Feng-jiao,⁤ also known as Joan Lin,‌ is the wife of the internationally⁤ renowned martial artist and actor, Jackie⁢ Chan.​ They married ​in 1982 in a private‌ ceremony, and have managed to keep much of⁢ their personal⁤ life out of the‌ spotlight. Prior to ​her marriage, Lin Feng-jiao⁢ was ⁣a successful actress‌ in Taiwan, having won a Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress in 1979 for her performance in ‘The Story of ⁤a Small ‌Town’.

Despite her early success in the film industry,⁢ Lin Feng-jiao retired from acting​ after marrying Jackie Chan to focus on her family life. Together, they have one son,⁤ Jaycee Chan,‍ who was born the same year they ⁢got‌ married. While Jackie Chan’s⁣ career continued to soar, Lin Feng-jiao stayed mostly out⁢ of the public eye, dedicating her time to her‌ family and charity work.

  • Born in Taiwan in 1953
  • Starred⁢ in over 70 films⁣ from‍ 1972-1982
  • Received the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress in 1979
  • Married Jackie Chan in 1982⁢ and retired from acting
  • Mother to Jaycee⁤ Chan
  • Involved in charity work ⁢with Jackie⁢ Chan
Name: Lin Feng-jiao (Joan Lin)
Occupation: Former Actress
Marital Status: Married to Jackie Chan
Children: Jaycee Chan

How Joan ⁢Lin Supports Jackie Chan’s Career and Philanthropy

Joan Lin is the wife‌ of the legendary martial artist and ​actor, Jackie Chan. She has‍ been a constant source of support​ for Chan, ⁢both in his career and philanthropy⁢ work. The couple has been married ⁢since 1982 ⁤and Lin has played a pivotal role in helping Chan navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.

Supporting Jackie ⁣Chan’s ⁢Career

  • Lin ⁤has ‌been a rock for Chan, providing emotional support and encouragement throughout his career.
  • She ⁣has accompanied him to various film events,‌ premieres, and award⁢ shows, showing her unwavering support for his work.
  • Lin has also been​ involved in some of Chan’s film projects, including co-starring with him‍ in the movie “The Young Master”.

Philanthropy Work

  • Together, the couple has established the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, ​which supports various causes‌ including education, medical services, and disaster relief.
  • Lin ⁣has been instrumental in helping Chan ​with his philanthropy work, contributing her time and resources to the foundation’s initiatives.
  • She has also been ⁢known to accompany Chan ​on his philanthropic trips, supporting him in his efforts⁢ to give back to communities in need.
Philanthropy​ Project Joan Lin’s Involvement
Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Supports and contributes to various initiatives
Education Assists in⁤ providing ​scholarships and educational resources
Medical Services Helps‍ provide medical assistance ​to those in need
Disaster Relief Participates in disaster ⁢relief efforts alongside Chan

Joan Lin’s support for Jackie Chan’s ⁢career and ⁣philanthropy has been unwavering, ‍and it ‌is clear that she plays a significant role in ⁢his success. Her dedication‌ to both his professional and charitable endeavors has ⁤made a lasting impact, and together, they continue to make a positive difference in the world.

The Love Story‌ of ⁤Jackie Chan and Joan Lin: From⁤ Co-stars to Life Partners

Jackie Chan, ⁣the world-renowned ⁢martial ⁣artist ​and actor, first met his future wife, Joan Lin, in the mid-1970s. The⁤ two were co-stars in​ the Taiwanese film “The Heroine.” Lin, a Taiwanese actress, had‌ started her ​film career in the 1970s and quickly became one of the most well-known actresses in Taiwan. It didn’t take long for the two to ⁤fall in love, and​ after ​a few years of ‍dating, they ⁤tied the ⁣knot ⁢in a private ceremony in⁢ Los‍ Angeles in 1982.

Joan Lin, who‌ was born in 1953, has ⁣largely stayed ​out of the⁣ public eye after marrying Chan. She chose to focus ​on ‌raising their son, actor and‍ singer Jaycee Chan, and supporting her husband’s career. Chan has often spoken ⁢highly of his wife, crediting her with being the stable force in his life. He has described her as a humble and low-profile person who prefers ⁣to⁤ stay out of the​ spotlight.

Quick Facts⁤ about Joan​ Lin:

  • Born on June ⁢30, 1953 in Taiwan
  • Starred in over 70 films before retiring from acting
  • Married Jackie‍ Chan in 1982
  • Mother to Jaycee Chan
Year Event
1970s Joan Lin started her acting career
Mid-1970s Lin and Chan met on the ⁤set of “The Heroine”
1982 The⁣ couple got married in Los Angeles

Despite the fame ⁣and attention that comes with being married to​ Jackie⁤ Chan, Joan⁣ Lin has successfully maintained a life away from the cameras. Her devotion to family and her⁤ low-key lifestyle has resonated ‍with many who admire the ‍couple’s long-lasting⁤ relationship.


Q: Who is ‌Jackie Chan’s wife?

A:‌ Jackie Chan’s wife is Feng-Jiao Lin, also known​ as Joan Lin. She is a former Taiwanese⁣ actress.

Q: How ​did Jackie Chan ​and Feng-Jiao Lin ⁣meet?

A: Jackie Chan and Feng-Jiao‌ Lin met in the late 1970s while working in the Hong Kong film industry.

Q: When did Jackie Chan and Feng-Jiao Lin ‍get​ married?

A: Jackie Chan and Feng-Jiao Lin got married in 1982 in a private ceremony‍ in Los Angeles, California.

Q: Do Jackie Chan and Feng-Jiao Lin have any children?

A: Yes, they have one ⁢son named Jaycee Chan who was born in 1982.

Q:‌ Is ⁢Feng-Jiao Lin still acting?

A: No, Feng-Jiao Lin retired ⁤from acting in 1982 after marrying Jackie Chan and has since led a relatively ⁢low-profile life.

Q: How ‌does Feng-Jiao Lin ​support Jackie Chan’s career?

A: Although Feng-Jiao Lin has retired from acting, she has been‌ known to support Jackie Chan’s career by attending events and premieres with him.

Q: What is⁣ Jackie Chan and Feng-Jiao Lin’s relationship⁤ like?

A: Jackie ‌Chan and Feng-Jiao‌ Lin have been married for⁣ over ⁤35 years ​and have managed to keep their relationship private ⁤and out of the⁤ public eye. They are known to have⁣ a‍ strong and supportive marriage. ⁤

Concluding ⁤Remarks

In conclusion, Jackie Chan’s wife is Joan Lin, a former⁣ Taiwanese actress. The couple has been ⁤married since 1982⁤ and has‍ one son together. While Lin has largely stayed out of the public eye ​since her marriage to Chan,⁤ she has been ⁢a ‍supportive ⁤partner to the iconic action star throughout his ⁢career. Despite the ⁢ups and downs that come with being‌ married to a celebrity, their relationship has stood the test of time and they remain together to this day.


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