Hobbiton New Zealand: Discover the Enchanting World of Middle-earth

Hobbiton, New Zealand is a magical and picturesque destination that has been a fan-favorite since the release of The Lord of the Rings.

Located in the heart of Matamata, Hobbiton has been intricately crafted to resemble the Shire from the books and films, making it the perfect place to explore for fans or anyone looking for an escape from reality.

From wandering the set and seeing the cozy Hobbit holes to sipping a pint at The Green Dragon Inn, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

What is Hobbiton New Zealand

Hobbiton New Zealand is a charming and unique destination located in the small town of Matamata in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

Originally created for the filming of The Lord of the Rings, Hobbiton has become an iconic spot for fans to visit and appreciate its beauty.

The 12-acre complex has been meticulously crafted to resemble the Shire from the books and films, making it the perfect place to explore for any fan.

Popularity of Hobbiton as a tourist destination

Hobbiton has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, and for good reason. Every year, thousands of visitors come to experience the beauty and magic that Hobbiton brings to life.

The 12-acre complex has been carefully designed to look like the Shire from The Lord like the Shire from the Lord of the Rings movies, featuring incredibly detailed Hobbit holes and lush flower gardens. Tourists can also visit iconic spots such as The Green Dragon Inn, where they can sip a pint while taking in the stunning scenery.

History of Hobbiton

Creation of the Hobbiton Movie Set

The creation of the Hobbiton movie set began in 1998 when director Peter Jackson chose Matamata as the ideal location for his films. The 12-acre complex was then constructed by a team of over 100 people, including set designers, builders and gardeners.

The crew spent six months crafting the set to look like the Shire from the books and films, creating 44 unique hobbit holes the Shire, and it quickly became one of the most iconic locations from the films.

Transformation of the set into a permanent tourist attraction

The popularity of Hobbiton skyrocketed after the release of The Lord of the Rings, and in 2002, Hobbiton was transformed into a permanent tourist attraction. Thousands of visitors come to explore the 12-acre complex every year, and it is now considered one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations.

In addition to exploring the grounds and Hobbit holes, visitors can also visit the Green Dragon Inn for a pint of ale or take a guided tour to learn more about the history of Hobbiton.

Location and Setting of Hobbiton

Geographic features of New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the South Pacific, made up of two large islands and numerous smaller ones. The country has an incredibly diverse landscape, ranging from towering mountains to lush rainforests and sandy beaches.

It is home to a variety of geographic features, including volcanoes, glaciers, fiords, lakes, and rivers. New Zealand is also known for its beautiful landscapes and stunning rivers.

Scenic beauty and landscape of Matamata, New Zealand

Matamata, New Zealand is a small town located in the Waikato region of New Zealand. The area is known for its stunning landscape and scenic beauty, with rolling hills, lush greenery and peaceful meadows.

Visitors can explore the nearby area to get a glimpse of the town’s unique charm. The Matamata River winds through the area, providing ample opportunity for fishing and swimming. Hobbiton is situated on a picturesque hillside overlooking the town and its surrounding countryside, making it one of the most scenic spots in New Zealand.

Attractions and Features of Hobbiton

Exploring the Hobbit Holes

Visiting Hobbiton is an incredible experience, and one of the most popular activities for visitors is exploring the various Hobbit holes. Each hole has been carefully crafted and decorated to look like those from the films. Guests can visit Bilbo Baggins’ home, Bag End, as well as gardens full of colorful flowers and vegetables.

There are also a number of shops and restaurants located throughout the complex, giving visitors an opportunity to pick up souvenirs and sample traditional Hobbiton fare.

The Green Dragon Inn and other iconic locations

The iconic Green Dragon Inn is a must-see stop on any visit to Hobbiton. This traditional pub serves up local ales and traditional Hobbiton fare, and it has been carefully designed to look just like the one from the Lord of the Rings films.

There are also a number of other iconic locations throughout the complex, including The Mill, The Party Tree and The Bridge to Buckland. Each of these locations has been carefully crafted and designed to look just like they did in the films, giving visitors a chance to explore a world full of fantasy and wonderment.

Tours and Experiences in Hobbiton

Guided tours of the movie set

Guided tours of the Hobbiton movie set are a great way to explore the 12-acre complex and learn more about the history of this iconic location. Tours typically last two hours and take visitors on a journey through the Shire, offering commentary from knowledgeable guides along the way.

Tour highlights include visiting Bilbo Baggins’ home, Bag End, exploring the myriad of hobbit holes, and taking a peek inside the Green Dragon Inn.

Themed events and festivals

Hobbiton is also known for its various themed events and festivals throughout the year.

There is no better way to experience the magic of Hobbiton than by attending one of these unique events. The most popular festival is the annual Hobbiton Movie Set Celebration, which takes place each April.

During this event, fans can explore the movie set, take celebration, visitors can enjoy live music and entertainment, sample traditional Hobbiton foods, and participate in a variety of activities related to the Lord of the Rings films.

Other popular events include the Summer Harvest Festival, which takes place each December, and the Spring Festival of Blossoms, which is held in April.

Behind-The-Scenes Insights about Hobbiton

Creative process and design of the Hobbiton Movie Set

The creative process and design of the Hobbiton Movie Set is truly remarkable. The set was designed by the renowned British production designer, Grant Major, who used a combination of computer-generated imagery and detailed craftsmanship to create a realistic world.

He drew inspiration from Tolkien’s descriptions of the Shire in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and worked with an array of artisans, sculptors, and craftspeople to bring his vision to life.

Trivia and facts about the making of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies

The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy are two of the most iconic film series ever made. While both trilogies feature some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, there are several facts about their making that many fans may not be aware of.

For example, did you know that all of the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings trilogy were played by actors between four feet and five feet tall? Or that over 150,000 props were used in the making of The Hobbit trilogy? These are just a few of the fascinating facts about these incredible films.

Impact of Hobbiton on the Tourism Industry

Economic benefits for the local region

Hobbiton has had a significant impact on the local tourism industry in New Zealand. The movie set has become one of the nation’s top tourist attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world. This influx of tourists has had a positive effect on the economy of the region, providing jobs and revenue for those living in the area.

In addition, Hobbiton has been responsible for boosting the profile of New Zealand internationally, as the country is now recognized around the world for its unique and beautiful landscapes.

Promotion of New Zealand as a filming location

Hobbiton has not only been a boon for the local economy, but it has also helped to promote New Zealand as an international filming location.

In fact, the success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy have put the nation firmly on the map as a prime destination for filmmakers from around the world. Other films that have been shot in New Zealand include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lovely Bones, and Avatar.


Hobbiton has become an iconic filming location and tourist attraction that is beloved by fans of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy all over the world. Visiting Hobbiton is a unique opportunity to experience Middle Earth in real life and explore the 12-acre movie set, taking in its many attractions, including Bilbo Baggins’ home, Bag End, the Green in its stunning beauty and marveling at the immense attention to detail that went into creating this magical world.

The impact of this incredible movie set is undeniable, with the local economy benefiting from increased tourism and New Zealand now firmly established as a premier filming location.


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