How Tall Was the Michael Jackson? Exploring the Height of King of Pop

Michael Jackson was a legendary singer, dancer, and entertainer who captured the hearts of millions around the world. His iconic style, captivating stage presence and musical genius made him one of the most beloved figures in pop culture. But despite his immense fame and success, there is still one mystery surrounding him that many people are curious about – just how tall was Michael Jackson?

Who was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was an influential figure in the world of music and his legacy continues to live on. Born in 1958, he began his career at a young age as the lead singer of the family group The Jackson 5, and quickly rose to fame with hit singles such as “ABC” and “I Want You Back”. His solo career soon followed and he released albums such as Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad, which established him as one of the most successful recording artists of all time.

Early Life

Childhood height

Michael Jackson’s height was something of a mystery during his childhood. His parents reported that he was always very slim and tall for his age, but it is not known exactly how tall he was at the time. By the time he reached adolescence, however, he had grown to an impressive 5 feet 9 inches. This height remained consistent throughout the rest of his life and served as one of the defining features of his appearance.

Growth during teenage years

Michael Jackson’s height continued to grow during his teenage years. He began to gain more muscle mass, making him appear taller and more muscular than ever before. In addition, he also began to take dance classes which helped him develop his unique style of movement and choreography. By the time he reached adulthood, Michael Jackson had attained an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Height at the start of his career

At the start of his career, Michael Jackson’s height was already the envy of many. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall, he was taller than many of his peers in the music industry and had a stature that made him an instant star. Although not particularly muscular, he had a slender frame that was highlighted by his signature white glove and sequin-covered outfits. His height helped to make him an instantly recognizable figure in the music world, and he quickly rose to fame with his first solo album Off the Wall.

Adult Life

Height during Thriller era

During the early 1980s, Michael Jackson’s career reached a peak with the release of his sixth studio album, Thriller. His music was gaining more national and international attention than ever before, and he was being celebrated as one of the most influential people in pop culture. At this time, Michael Jackson’s height had not changed significantly from when he started his career, and he was still standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

Changes in height during 80s and 90s

During the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Jackson’s height remained relatively unchanged from when he started his career. Despite some small fluctuations in his weight, he generally maintained a steady height of 5 feet 9 inches throughout this time period. However, during the later years of his life, there were some reports that Jackson had lost some height due to injury and illness.

Height during his last years

During his last years, Michael Jackson’s height varied slightly due to age and illness. In 2003, he was diagnosed with a condition known as scoliosis, which can cause the spine to curve and lead to a decrease in height. Reports indicate that he had lost some inches due to this condition, and by the time of his death in 2009, he was estimated to be around 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Factors that Affect Height

Genetics and family history

Genetics and family history play important roles in determining an individual’s height. Michael Jackson’s height was largely attributed to his genetic makeup, as he was the eldest son of a tall father and a relatively short mother. His father, Joe Jackson, stood at 6 feet tall while his mother Katherine was just 5 feet 2 inches. It is likely that Michael inherited his tall stature from his father and his slight frame from his mother.

Diet and nutrition

Michael Jackson was a vegan during much of his life, and he followed a strict diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, and grains. His diet likely played an important role in helping him maintain a healthy weight and keeping his height consistent throughout his career. Additionally, he was known to be an avid exercise enthusiast, which may have also contributed to his height staying constant over time.

Physical activity and exercise

Physical activity and exercise are also important factors in maintaining an individual’s height. Michael Jackson was an avid dancer and performer, and he was known to practice for hours a day both on stage and in the studio. This intense physical activity helped him maintain a healthy weight and promote growth by stimulating his muscles and bones. Additionally, Jackson was known to practice yoga regularly, which is believed to help strengthen the spine and keep the body limber.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions can have an effect on an individual’s height. Michael Jackson was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2003, which is a condition that causes the spine to curve and can lead to a decrease in height. Additionally, he struggled with various health issues throughout his life including skin disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia which could have also contributed to any potential changes in his height over time. In general, it is important to address any medical conditions that could affect an individual’s height as soon as possible in order to ensure optimal growth and health.

Conflicting Reports and Controversies

Discrepancies in reported heights

Throughout the course of Michael Jackson’s career, there have been some discrepancies in reported heights. Reports vary widely, ranging from 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet tall. This could be due to a variety of factors such as differences in posture or measurement techniques, as well as conflicting reports from different sources. Additionally, Jackson was known to wear platform shoes and high heels during performances which may have distorted the perception of his actual height.

Conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson’s height

Conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson’s height have been swirling since the peak of his career. Many speculate that he was not actually as tall as reported, with some believing he was considerably shorter than his listed height. One theory suggests that he wore thick soled shoes to appear taller during performances and in photographs. Others suggest cosmetic surgery may have been used to artificially lengthen his body or parts of it. However, no concrete evidence exists to support these theories and they remain unsubstantiated.


Michael Jackson’s exact height remains a mystery due to conflicting reports and conspiracy theories. While genetics and diet likely played important roles in his growth and development, physical activity is also believed to have helped him maintain his height throughout his career. Additionally, medical conditions such as scoliosis may have played a role in any potential changes in his height over time. Despite the discrepancies and controversies, it is clear that Michael Jackson was a tall and slender man who exuded an aura of confidence and charisma.

Michael Jackson’s legacy in pop culture is undeniable. His music has been an integral part of the genre for decades, and he continues to influence artists today. He was an incredibly talented performer who could captivate audiences with his unique style and choreography. Additionally, he was a trendsetter when it came to fashion and style, inspiring many of the current trends in popular culture.


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