The Incredible Cast of Incredibles 2: Bringing Superheroes to Life

The beloved 2004 Pixar animated movie The Incredibles is getting a sequel at last! Disney and Pixar have announced the cast for The Incredibles 2, which promises to bring back all of our favorite characters. Here’s a look at who’s returning to the big screen in this highly anticipated follow-up.

Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the 2004 Pixar animated movie, The Incredibles. After a 14-year wait, fans of the original are finally getting their wish – a chance to see the Parr family in action again. The new film will follow the further adventures of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack as they battle the forces of evil and save the world.

The cast of The Incredibles 2 is integral in bringing the beloved characters of the original movie back to life. Much like its predecessor, this sequel has an all-star voice cast that truly captures the essence of each character. Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter will reprise their roles as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible and Helen Parr/Elastigirl respectively. Sarah Vowell returns as Violet Parr and Huck Milner will take over from Spencer Fox as Dash Parr. The newest addition to the family, Jack-Jack, will be voiced by Eli Fucile.

Main Cast Members

Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr) – Voiced by Craig T. Nelson

Craig T. Nelson reprises his role as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible in The Incredibles 2, the superhero husband and father with incredible strength, speed, invulnerability and a passion for justice. Mr. Incredible is determined to keep his family safe while also fighting evil forces and protecting those in need.

Elastigirl (Helen Parr) – Voiced by Holly Hunter

Holly Hunter returns as Helen Parr/Elastigirl in The Incredibles 2. Helen is the matriarch of the Parr family, a devoted mother and supportive wife with the amazing ability to stretch and contort her body into any shape imaginable. She uses her elastic powers to help her husband save the world, while also managing the day-to-day chaos of raising a family.

Violet Parr – Voiced by Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell returns to voice the character of Violet Parr in The Incredibles 2. Violet is the eldest child of Bob and Helen Parr, a shy yet brave teenager with the power to turn invisible and generate powerful force fields. With her newfound confidence, Violet is determined to prove that she can be just as heroic as her parents.

Dash Parr – Voiced by Huck Milner

Huck Milner takes over from Spencer Fox as Dash Parr in The Incredibles 2. Dash is the middle child of Bob and Helen Parr, a talented speedster with a mischievous streak who loves to show off his superpowers. With the help of his family, Dash will learn to control his speed and use it to fight crime and save the world.

Jack-Jack Parr – Voiced by Eli Fucile

Eli Fucile will be voicing the youngest member of the Parr family, Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack is the baby of Bob and Helen Parr, a seemingly normal infant who turns out to have a variety of incredible superpowers. As he grows older, Jack-Jack’s powers become more powerful and he must learn to control them in order to help his family save the day.

Supporting Cast Members

Frozone (Lucius Best) – Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson returns to voice Lucius Best/Frozone in The Incredibles 2. Frozone is the Parr family’s long-time friend and fellow superhero, with the amazing ability to freeze anything he touches. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it’s helping the Parrs save the world or keeping the peace in their own home.

Edna Mode – Voiced by Brad Bird

Brad Bird reprises his role as Edna Mode in The Incredibles 2. Edna is the brilliant and eccentric fashion designer who creates the Parr family’s super suits. She has an eye for detail and a sharp wit, making her the perfect person to design costumes for superheroes who need to look their best while saving the world.

Evelyn Deavor – Voiced by Catherine Keener

Catherine Keener joins the cast of The Incredibles 2 as Evelyn Deavor. Evelyn is an intelligent and ambitious businesswoman who believes that superheroes should be embraced and celebrated, not hidden away. She teams up with the Parrs to make it possible for them to fight crime openly, while also helping Helen Elastigirl save the world.

Winston Deavor – Voiced by Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk will be voicing the role of Winston Deavor in The Incredibles 2. Winston is Evelyn Deavor’s brother and business partner, a savvy businessman with a passion for superheroes and a desire to make them more publically accepted. He teams up with the Parrs to help Helen Elastigirl fight crime, hoping that her heroic acts will change people’s minds about superheroes.

Voyd – Voiced by Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush joins the cast of The Incredibles 2 as Voyd. Voyd is an up-and-coming superhero with the power to manipulate objects and create voids in space. She idolizes Elastigirl and is determined to prove her worth, using her powers to help the Parr family save the world and earn her place as a hero. Voyd’s ambition and determination make her a valuable ally in the battle against evil.

Returning Cast Members from “The Incredibles” (2004)

Syndrome (Buddy Pine) – Voiced by Jason Lee (archive audio)

Jason Lee returns to voice the villain Syndrome (Buddy Pine) in The Incredibles 2. Syndrome, also known as Buddy Pine, first appeared in 2004’s The Incredibles as a former fan of Mr. Incredible who eventually became a powerful supervillain determined to prove his worth by destroying superheroes everywhere. This time around, he’ll be back and more determined than ever to take down the Parr family.

Mirage – Voiced by Elizabeth Peña (archive audio)

Elizabeth Peña returns to voice the enigmatic and mysterious character Mirage in The Incredibles 2. Mirage first appeared in 2004’s The Incredibles as an agent of Syndrome with the power to create illusions and control minds. She initially works for Syndrome, but eventually joins forces with the Parr family to save the world.

New Additions to the Cast

The inclusion of new characters and their voice actors

The Incredibles 2 also features several new characters and voice actors. Isabella Rossellini joins the cast as Ambassador Hawksley, a powerful diplomat who is determined to bring superheroes back into the public eye. Huck Milner will be voicing Dash Parr, Bob and Helen’s son with super speed powers, and Paul Eiding will be voicing Patriarch X, an aging superhero who helps the Parrs in their mission to save the world.

Impact of their performances on the movie

The performances of the cast members in The Incredibles 2 will have a significant impact on the movie’s success. Brad Bird brings his signature wit and charm to Edna Mode, while Catherine Keener’s performance as Evelyn Deavor is sure to be powerful and memorable. Bob Odenkirk lends his comedic chops to Winston Deavor while Sophia Bush adds an extra layer of depth to Voyd’s character. Finally, the addition of new characters like Ambassador Hawksley and Patriarch X brings in an exciting energy to the movie that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Behind the Scenes

The director and screenwriter Brad Bird

The Incredibles 2 is directed and written by Brad Bird, the filmmaker behind The Iron Giant, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Bird has an impressive resume of beloved films and is a master of creating compelling stories with vibrant characters. His expertise in animating action sequences is sure to make The Incredibles 2 an electrifying experience for viewers. Additionally, Bird and his production team have worked hard to craft a movie that is true to the original film, retaining the spirit of The Incredibles while modernizing it for a new generation of viewers.

The collaboration between the cast and crew

The Incredibles 2 is a product of excellent collaboration between its talented cast and crew. Every actor and actress has brought their own unique talents to the film, helping to create a memorable experience for viewers. The creative team behind The Incredibles 2 has worked hard to ensure that each character is well-developed and given enough depth to shine in the movie, while also creating an exciting story with plenty of action and comedy. The cast and crew have worked together to create a movie that is sure to please fans of the first film while introducing new viewers to the world of The Incredibles.

Critical Reception

Critical acclaim for the cast’s performances

The cast of The Incredibles 2 has received critical acclaim for their performances in the movie. Critics have praised Samuel L. Jackson’s deadpan wit as Frozone, Sarah Vowell’s amusingly sarcastic take on Violet Parr, and Holly Hunter’s heartfelt portrayal of Mrs. Incredible. Jason Lee’s return as Syndrome is also lauded for adding another layer of depth to the villain’s character, while newcomers Huck Milner and Paul Eiding have been praised for bringing fresh energy to their roles.

Awards or nominations received by the cast members

The Incredibles 2 cast has earned numerous awards and nominations for their performances in the movie. Brad Bird, Holly Hunter, and Catherine Keener have all been nominated for Best Voice Performance at the Annie Awards. Brad Bird also received a nomination for Best Director at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Additionally, the film has been nominated for several Golden Globe awards including Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song for “The Glory Days”.


The cast of The Incredibles 2 have been an integral part of making the movie a success. Every actor and actress has brought their own unique talents to the film, helping to create a memorable experience for viewers. Brad Bird brings his signature wit and charm to Edna Mode, while Catherine Keener’s performance as Evelyn Deavor is sure to be powerful and memorable. Bob Odenkirk and Sophia Bush also add comedic and emotional depth to their characters. The cast of The Incredibles 2 have worked together to create a movie that is sure to please fans of the first film while introducing new viewers to the world of The Incredibles.


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