Itzan Escamilla: A Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry

Itzan Escamilla is an actor, singer, and model from Mexico City. He is best known for his roles in the popular TV series Elite and the Netflix movie The House of Flowers. He began his career as a model at the age of 17 and has since become one of the most sought-after young actors in Latin America.

Who is Itzan Escamilla

Itzan Escamilla is an actor, singer, and model from Mexico City. He began his career at the age of 17 as a model, but has since become one of the most sought-after young actors in Latin America due to his roles in the popular TV series Elite and the Netflix movie The House of Flowers. His work has garnered international recognition and acclaim.

Itzan Escamilla has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-after young actors in Latin America, due to his captivating performances in Elite and The House of Flowers.

Early Life and Background

Birth and family background

Itzan Escamilla was born on September 22, 2001 in Mexico City, Mexico. He is the middle child of three siblings; he has an older sister named Aitana and a younger brother named Omar. His father is a civil engineer and his mother is a lawyer.

Education and early interests

Itzan Escamilla received his primary and secondary education at the Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt in Mexico City. From an early age, Itzan was interested in music, singing, and acting. He began participating in school plays when he was only 12 years old, which helped to develop his passion for performing.

Introduction to acting

Itzan Escamilla began his acting career at the age of 17, when he was cast in the role of Luismi in the second season of the Netflix series Elite. Soon after, he landed a leading role in the Netflix movie The House of Flowers as María José de la Garza.

Career in Acting

Breakthrough role and recognition

Itzan Escamilla’s breakthrough role was in the Netflix series Elite, in which he played the character of Luismi. He was praised for his performance, and it led to him being cast in the leading role of María José de la Garza in The House of Flowers.

Notable projects and characters portrayed

1. TV Series

Itzan Escamilla has had the opportunity to portray a variety of characters in both television series and movies. He is best known for his role as Luismi in the second season of the Netflix series Elite, as well as his roles in Club de Cuervos, El Vato, Como Caído del Cielo, and Tres Veces Ana. In addition

2. Films

Itzan Escamilla has also starred in a number of films, such as The House of Flowers, Love Scars, and The Last Heroes. In The House of Flowers, he portrayed the role of María José de la Garza, a young woman who struggles with family expectations and secrets that she is determined to uncover.

Collaboration with other actors and directors

Itzan Escamilla has worked with some of the most talented actors and directors in Latin America. He has collaborated with acclaimed director Manolo Caro on Netflix’s The House of Flowers, as well as Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez on Club de Cuervos.

Personal Life and Interests

Hobbies and extracurricular activities

Itzan Escamilla enjoys a variety of hobbies outside of his work as an actor. He is passionate about music, singing, and playing the guitar. He also loves to travel and explore new places. In addition, he is an avid soccer fan and enjoys playing the sport with friends and family in his free time.

Philanthropy and involvement in charitable causes

Itzan Escamilla is an active philanthropist and advocate for social justice. He has been involved in a variety of charitable causes, including raising awareness about mental health issues and supporting LGBTQ+ rights. He also works with several organizations to provide educational opportunities to children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Public image and relationships

Itzan Escamilla is known for his kind and humble demeanor, which has made him very popular among fans and peers alike. He has an active social media presence, with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, he often posts about his work, travels, and other interests.

Awards and Achievements

Nominations and wins for acting performances

Itzan Escamilla has been nominated for a number of awards for his acting performances, including the Premios Tu Mundo Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico, and the Premios Platino del Cine Iberoamericano.

Critical acclaim and industry recognition

Itzan Escamilla’s performances have been critically acclaimed, earning him various awards and industry recognition. He has been recognized by Variety as one of the “10 Latino Actors to Watch” and was nominated for the Imagen Awards in 2019 for his role in The House of Flowers.

Future Projects and Endeavors

Upcoming projects or roles

Itzan Escamilla has several projects in the works for the near future. He is set to star in the upcoming Netflix movie “The Crew”, as well as the series “El Juego de Las Llaves”.

Expansion into other areas of the entertainment industry

Itzan Escamilla has expanded his career beyond acting, and is now exploring other areas within the entertainment industry. In 2019 he signed a record deal with Universal Music Mexico and released his debut single “Llevo tu Luz” in 2020.

Goals and aspirations

Itzan Escamilla has many lofty goals and aspirations for his future. He hopes to continue to challenge himself as an actor by taking on diverse roles in both television and film. He is also passionate about music, and plans to release more singles in the near future.

Impact and Influence

Influence on younger actors and fans

Itzan Escamilla has become an inspiration to many young actors, fans, and aspiring entertainers. His work in the Latin American entertainment industry has opened up new opportunities for those looking to break through as professionals in the field.

Representation and diversity in the industry

Itzan Escamilla is a strong advocate for representation and diversity in the entertainment industry. He believes that it is important for people of all backgrounds to be represented in film, television, and other forms of media.

Social media presence and engagement with followers

Itzan Escamilla is very active on social media and uses it to engage with his fans. He has millions of followers across Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, and often shares updates about his work, travels, hobbies, and charitable endeavors.


Itzan Escamilla is an established actor who has become an inspiration to many. He has gained recognition for his work in the Latin American entertainment industry and continues to challenge himself by taking on diverse roles in both television and film. In addition, he is a passionate advocate for


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