J.J. from Good Times: Where is He Now?

J.J. Evans, the ⁤lovable and⁣ comical character from‍ the hit 1970s sitcom “Good Times”, left a lasting impression on audiences with his catchphrase “Dy-no-mite!” However, with the passing of several cast members from⁣ the show, many have found themselves wondering, “Is J.J. from ‘Good Times’ still alive?” In this article, we will dive into the⁤ current status of‍ actor Jimmie Walker, who brought J.J. to life, and provide an update‍ on his whereabouts.

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The History of J.J. from Good⁤ Times

There has been some confusion and rumors surrounding the status of J.J. from Good Times, played by actor Jimmie Walker. However, as of the latest information available, Jimmie Walker is‍ still alive.

Since the end of Good⁣ Times in 1979, Jimmie Walker has continued to work in the entertainment ​industry,‌ appearing in ⁣various TV shows, movies, and comedy ​specials. He has also written a book and remained active in stand-up comedy.

While there may have been misinformation circulating, ⁢it’s important⁤ to rely on credible sources when confirming the status of a public figure. As of now, Jimmie Walker, the actor who portrayed J.J., is still with⁢ us.

Rumors ⁣and Speculations about J.J.’s Death

There have been many rumors⁤ and speculations surrounding the death of J.J. from Good Times. Fans ‍have⁢ been ​wondering whether the beloved actor is still ‌alive. While there have been various ⁤claims about his current status, it’s important to separate fact from fiction.

Several rumors have surfaced online, with some suggesting ‍that‌ J.J. ⁣passed away in recent years.​ However, it’s crucial to verify​ these claims with reliable sources before jumping⁤ to conclusions. Additionally, fans⁣ should be​ mindful ⁤of spreading‌ unconfirmed information, ‍as it can be⁣ distressing for both the individual in question and ⁤their loved ones.

As of now, there is no concrete evidence to support the notion that‍ J.J. from ⁢Good Times has passed ⁣away. It’s imperative to approach ​these rumors with caution and refrain from perpetuating unverified information. Instead, fans can celebrate the⁢ actor’s ‌legacy and contributions to the entertainment industry.

For the ‌latest updates on ‍J.J.’s status, it’s ‍advisable to refer to official ​announcements from trusted sources. In the meantime, let’s focus on honoring the impact⁣ he has had ​on audiences worldwide.

Fact-Checking: Is J.J.‌ from Good Times Still Alive?

There has been a lot of speculation about the status of ‍actor Jimmie Walker, who ⁢portrayed the iconic ‍character “J.J.” on the hit 70s sitcom Good⁢ Times. Many fans have ⁢been wondering whether the beloved actor is still alive or not. Let’s ⁣fact-check this and find out the truth about‍ Jimmie Walker’s current status.

As of our research, Jimmie Walker, the actor ⁢who​ played‌ J.J.⁣ on Good Times,‍ is indeed‌ still alive. He was born on June 25, 1947, making him [age] at the time of writing this article. Despite various ⁣rumors and misinformation on social media, there is no credible evidence to suggest ‍that he⁣ has passed away. ‌In fact,‍ Walker continues to make⁤ public appearances, engage with fans, and pursue ‍various ⁣entertainment projects.

So, if you’re a fan⁣ of Good Times and have been concerned about ⁣the ⁤status of J.J.,⁤ rest assured that Jimmie Walker ‍is alive and well. He remains a beloved figure in the world‌ of television and entertainment, and his iconic portrayal of J.J. Evans continues to live on in‍ the hearts of fans.

Looking Back on the Legacy of J.J. Walker

It’s a question that many fans of the popular 1970s⁣ sitcom “Good Times” have on their minds: Is J.J. from Good ‍Times still alive? The character, played by actor Jimmie Walker, became a beloved​ icon‍ in American television history, known for his catchphrase “Dy-no-mite!”​ But what about the actor behind the character?

As of [current date], ⁢Jimmie Walker is still alive and active in the entertainment‌ industry.​ He has continued to make appearances in television shows, films, ⁢and stand-up comedy ​performances. While his character J.J. left a lasting legacy on “Good Times,” Jimmie Walker’s career extends⁣ far beyond the role that made him ​famous.

, it’s important to recognize the impact that the character had ⁢on bringing humor ‍and‌ representation to television screens. The character of J.J. was‍ a break-out star of “Good Times,” and Jimmie Walker’s portrayal ⁤of him⁢ continues to be celebrated by fans of the‍ show. Despite the passing‍ of time, the legacy of J.J. ⁣and Jimmie Walker’s contributions to television remain an important part of American pop culture.

Revisiting the Impact of‌ J.J.’s Character on Good Times

The character J.J. Evans, portrayed by actor‍ Jimmie Walker,⁢ was a standout on the hit⁣ TV show Good Times. His comedic‍ antics and catchphrase “Dy-no-mite!” made ‌him a fan favorite. However, there have been rumors circulating about the actor’s current status, leaving many to wonder, “Is‌ J.J. from​ Good⁣ Times⁢ still​ alive?”

As of today, ‌Jimmie Walker, the actor who played J.J., is indeed still alive. ⁤Born on ‌June 25, ⁣1947, Walker continues to make public appearances and has been involved in various entertainment projects. While his iconic⁤ character from the 1970s ⁢may live on in reruns, the actor himself remains​ an active presence in the entertainment industry.

Despite the passage of time, J.J.’s impact on ⁢Good Times continues to be felt,​ with the character’s popularity enduring through the years. Whether through reruns, nostalgic discussions, or meme-worthy moments,‌ J.J. Evans and his portrayer, Jimmie Walker, remain integral parts of the show’s ⁢legacy.


Q: ⁤Is J.J. from Good ⁢Times still alive?
A: Yes, Jimmie Walker, the actor who played⁣ J.J. Evans on the popular 1970s TV show Good Times, is ‌still alive. He was born on June 25,‍ 1947, and as of this ⁣writing, he is alive and well.
Q: What has ⁣Jimmie Walker been up to‌ since Good Times ended?
A: After Good Times, ‌Walker has continued to work as‍ a comedian and actor, ‌making appearances in various TV shows and films. He has also ‍been involved in political commentary and activism.
Q:​ Does ⁤Jimmie Walker ‍still have a presence in the entertainment industry?
A: While​ he may not‍ be as active in the entertainment industry as he once was, Walker still occasionally makes ⁢appearances on TV and in comedy shows. He remains a recognizable figure in popular culture.
Q: Are there any recent updates on Jimmie Walker’s life or career?
A: As of now, there are no major updates on Jimmie‌ Walker’s life or career. However, fans can stay tuned ​for any future developments or appearances. ⁢

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, despite ongoing rumors and speculation ‌about the status of⁢ actor ⁣Jimmie Walker,⁣ best known for ⁣his role as‍ J.J.‌ on‍ the hit⁢ TV show Good Times, there is ⁢no concrete evidence to confirm whether he ​is alive or deceased. While fans continue to speculate, the actor himself has not ‌publicly addressed ⁢the rumors. Until official confirmation ‌is provided, the ‌question of whether J.J. from Good Times is still alive remains unanswered. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as⁣ they become ⁢available. rnrn


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