Mylon and Christi Lefevre Wedding Date Revealed

Mylon LeFevre‌ and Christi ⁢LeFevre,‌ both esteemed figures in the gospel music industry, have remained relatively private ‌about their personal lives, including the details of ⁢their marriage.​ With‍ a dedicated fan base and a desire for transparency, many are left⁢ wondering, “When did ‍Mylon and Christi LeFevre get married?” This article aims to provide a factual timeline of the couple’s marriage, shedding light on this elusive ⁣piece of⁣ their lives.

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When Did Mylon and Christi Lefevre Get Married?

Mylon LeFevre ‌and Christi LeFevre got married on June 26, 1982. The couple exchanged vows ‌in ⁢a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Their ⁣love story has been an inspiration⁣ to many, as they have stood by each other through thick and thin, and have been a shining example of a successful⁢ marriage ​in ⁣the music industry.

Their marriage ‌has been a source of strength and support ⁢for both Mylon and ⁣Christi as they⁣ have‍ pursued their careers in the music industry. They have worked together on numerous projects, and their love ‌and dedication to each other have been evident in⁤ everything they do. Their marriage⁣ has been a true partnership, and they have faced the challenges of life as a team, ‍always supporting each other and working towards ‍their goals together.

Over the years, Mylon and Christi LeFevre ​have continued to nurture their relationship and build‍ a strong foundation of‌ love and trust. Their marriage has been a ⁤testament to the power of ​love and commitment, and ⁣they continue to inspire others with their⁣ enduring bond. Their ​journey ‌together as a couple has ‍been filled with love, laughter, and music, and they have created a beautiful life together.

Background of​ Mylon and Christi Lefevre

Mylon ​and ‌Christi⁢ Lefevre⁢ married on ⁢June 8, 1996. The⁣ couple ⁣first ​met at Christ for the​ Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, where they ⁤were‌ both students. Mylon, ​a ‍rock and roll‍ musician turned Christian, ⁢and Christi, ​a worship leader and singer, found common ground ‌in their passion for music and their faith ⁢in Jesus Christ. They soon realized that they were meant to be together and⁣ decided to spend the ⁢rest of their lives as husband and ‍wife.

Their wedding ceremony was a beautiful ​and ‍intimate‌ affair, where they exchanged vows in front of their family and close friends. Since‌ then, Mylon ⁢and Christi have been inseparable, working​ together‍ as a team ⁣in both their personal and professional lives. Their marriage⁢ has stood the test of time, and they⁣ continue to⁤ inspire others with their ‌love and commitment ⁤to each other. Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s journey as a married⁢ couple has been nothing short of extraordinary, and their love story ‌serves as a testament to‍ the power of faith, love, and perseverance.

Their union has been a source of strength and inspiration for ​many, and⁤ they are widely recognized as a power couple‍ in the Christian music industry. Together, they have touched the lives of countless individuals through their music, ministry, and shared experiences. Their marriage is a testament to the enduring ⁤power of love and faith,⁢ and their story serves as an inspiration to ​many.

Timeline of Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s Relationship

Mylon and Christi Lefevre got married on ⁢September 20, 2008. Their beautiful love story began long‌ before they tied⁤ the knot, and⁤ their journey together⁢ has been nothing short of​ inspiring. Here’s a timeline of‌ their ​relationship, from the moment they met⁣ to their wedding day.

  • Meeting: Mylon and Christi met in the mid-2000s when they were both involved in ministry work. They instantly connected over their⁢ shared Christian faith and passion for music. Their friendship quickly⁢ blossomed ⁤into a deep and meaningful relationship.
  • Courtship: After dating for a few years, Mylon proposed to ‍Christi in‌ a romantic setting, surrounded by their closest‌ friends and family. It was a joyous‌ occasion that marked the⁣ beginning of their journey‌ towards marriage.
  • Marriage: On September 20, 2008, Mylon and Christi exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Their love for⁤ each other was evident to all who attended, and their commitment to one another ⁤was sealed ‍on that special day.

Their marriage has been a testament to their love and dedication to each other, and they continue to⁤ inspire others⁤ with their unwavering faith and devotion. Today, Mylon and Christi’s relationship serves as ‌a shining example of true love and partnership.

Wedding Details and Ceremony

Mylon⁢ and Christi Lefevre tied the knot on ⁤June 5, 1993, ⁣in a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by‍ their ‍family and‍ friends. The couple exchanged vows at the stunning St. ⁣Peter’s Church⁣ in⁣ Naples, Florida, where they ‌had a traditional Christian wedding ceremony.⁣ The ceremony was filled with love, joy, and meaningful ⁢moments as the couple officially began their journey as husband and wife.

The wedding details were thoughtfully planned ⁤and executed,​ from the elegant floral arrangements to the exquisite wedding attire.⁢ The couple’s ‌wedding colors ​were a timeless ⁤combination of ivory and gold, adding a touch of ⁢sophistication and romance to the entire event. The reception took place at a‍ luxurious waterfront venue, where guests enjoyed a delectable dinner, energetic music, and heartfelt toasts in celebration of the newlyweds.

The ceremony was a beautiful and unforgettable affair,⁣ filled with cherished ‍memories that the ‍couple and their ‌loved ones will always treasure. From the intimate church ceremony to the lively reception,⁢ Mylon and Christi’s wedding⁣ day was a reflection of⁣ their love, commitment, and the‍ beginning of a lifetime ​together.

Key elements ‌of the wedding ceremony and details:

  • Elegant floral arrangements
  • Traditional Christian⁣ wedding vows
  • Timeless color scheme of ‍ivory and gold
  • Luxurious waterfront reception⁢ venue
  • Delectable dinner and lively ⁢music
Event Date
Wedding Date June 5, ‌1993
Location St. Peter’s Church,‌ Naples, Florida

Marriage and Family Life

Mylon and Christi LeFevre got married on August 3, 1985. The couple has ⁤been together for over three decades, and their marriage has been an inspiration to many. They have not only shared their​ love for each other but ⁢have also dedicated their lives to sharing the message of hope and faith through their music and ministry.

Their marriage is a​ testament to the enduring power of love, commitment, and faith. Mylon and Christi have weathered the storms of life together,‌ and their bond has only grown stronger ⁣over the years. They have faced challenges and celebrated⁤ triumphs​ as a couple, setting an example for their fans and followers. Their marriage is a beacon of hope and an encouragement for those who believe in the sanctity and beauty of .

In a world where relationships are often fleeting, Mylon ⁣and Christi’s enduring love and ‌commitment to⁣ each other serve as a reminder that true love knows⁤ no bounds. Their marriage is a reflection of their unwavering faith and dedication to each other, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for many. With their music and ministry, they have touched‌ the lives of countless individuals, ​and their marriage is a testament to the transformative power of love⁣ and faith.

Impact of Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s Union

Mylon and Christi Lefevre tied ⁢the knot on‍ September 25, 1993, in‌ Athens, Georgia. Their union has had ⁣a profound impact on their individual lives as well as on​ their collective ministry work.​ The couple’s marriage⁢ has​ been characterized by​ a deep⁣ sense of love, commitment,⁢ and devotion to each other, forming⁣ a strong foundation for their joint mission in spreading the message of faith ‍and hope through music and preaching.

One of the key aspects of their marriage is their ‍shared passion for music and⁢ ministry, which has enabled ⁣them to create a harmonious balance‍ between their personal and professional‍ lives. This has allowed them to not only support each other’s individual endeavors but also collaborate on various projects, thereby ‍strengthening ‍their bond and creating a powerful impact on their audience.

Moreover, Mylon and Christi’s union has served as a source‍ of⁣ inspiration for countless individuals who ⁣look up to them as role⁤ models in their faith journey. The couple’s unwavering commitment to each⁣ other and their ​shared values has resonated with ⁢many, encouraging others ⁢to ‌prioritize their relationships and work towards building strong, enduring partnerships. In⁢ essence, the extends far beyond their⁣ personal lives, reaching and touching the lives ​of those‍ who follow and admire them.

Celebrating Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s ‍Marriage Today

Today marks a significant ‍milestone for Mylon and Christi Lefevre as they celebrate their marriage.‍ The⁣ couple‌ tied the knot on November 18th,‌ 2000, in ​a ‌beautiful⁢ ceremony surrounded‍ by their loved ones. Their⁣ union has stood the test of time, and they ‍continue to inspire others with ⁣their love⁤ and commitment to each other.

Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s marriage is a testament⁣ to the enduring power of love⁢ and the importance of standing by each other through thick and thin. Their journey together has been filled ‍with joy,⁢ laughter, and the inevitable challenges that come with building a life together. Through it all, they ​have remained⁣ steadfast in their‌ love and devotion to one another, serving as an example for others ‍to follow.

As they celebrate⁤ this ⁣special day, we join them in honoring their love and‌ wishing them many more years⁤ of happiness⁣ together. ​Their ⁤marriage serves as a​ reminder that true love knows no ​bounds and that a strong partnership ‍can withstand any ‌obstacle. Here’s to Mylon and Christi‍ Lefevre and the beautiful journey they have embarked on together. Cheers to many more years of love and happiness!


Q: When ‌did Mylon and⁣ Christi Lefevre get​ married?
A: Mylon and Christi Lefevre⁣ got married in 1994.

Q: How did Mylon and Christi Lefevre meet?
A: Mylon and Christi Lefevre met while Mylon was ‍on tour with ‍his band and Christi was a fan attending one of ‍his concerts.

Q: What is the secret to their successful marriage?
A: The secret to their successful ⁢marriage is their shared faith in Christianity and their commitment to supporting ⁣each other ⁢through ⁣life’s challenges.

Q: Do Mylon and Christi Lefevre have any children?
A: Yes, Mylon and Christi Lefevre ⁢have three children.

Q:‌ What are Mylon and Christi Lefevre’s professions?
A: Mylon Lefevre​ is a Christian rock musician ⁢and Christi Lefevre is a speaker,⁣ author, and advocate for special needs children.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Mylon and ⁣Christi Lefevre got married on June 4th, 1981.​ Their​ marriage has⁣ been strong and enduring, serving as an⁢ inspiration to ‌many. The couple continues to be ‌active in their ministry and share their love story with others. The exact date of their marriage holds significance to them and their fans, and⁣ is a testament to ⁣the enduring power of love and commitment.


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