“Poor Things” ⁢ is a film ⁤that promises to deliver a unique blend of humor and satire with its intriguing⁤ storyline and talented cast.⁢ The film⁤ revolves around the character ⁢ Bella Baxter, portrayed‌ by Emma Stone, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and the experience of ⁤societal norms.

The trailer highlights the comedic aspect of ⁢the film, showcasing Bella’s naivety and the absurd situations she finds herself ⁤in. ‍As she navigates through the complexities of being a member of society, the more she becomes independent,‌ the more she challenges the expectations of the men around her. Emma ‌Stone describes the film as “very, very funny,” ⁤suggesting that audiences will be in for a laugh-out-loud experience.

One of the⁢ driving forces for Emma​ Stone to take on the role of Bella was the character’s representation of‍ womanhood – one that embodies freedom, ⁢fear, ⁢and bravery. The trailer teases moments where⁣ Bella’s actions are both perplexing and humorous, such as ⁣keeping something revolting in her mouth or feeling the ​urge ‌to punch a baby. It’s clear that this film is not ‍afraid to⁣ push boundaries and provoke thought​ through satire.

Character Actor Notable Trait
Bella Baxter Emma Stone Independent
Society Challenging
Men Threatened