Potential Visit: Shaquille Leonard to Meet with Eagles This Week

Exciting news ‌for NFL fans! Former⁣ Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard is making⁣ moves,​ as he’s set to visit with the Dallas Cowboys on‌ Tuesday. But wait, there’s more – it​ looks ‍like another NFC East‌ team might‍ be in the running as well.

According to Adam Schefter of⁤ ESPN, Leonard could⁢ be meeting with the Eagles⁢ later this week if ⁤things don’t pan⁤ out with the Cowboys. With recent injuries to key players, the Eagles are in desperate ⁤need of a strong defensive option like Leonard‌ to boost their Super Bowl aspirations.

But hold on,⁣ the‍ Cowboys have⁤ their eye on Leonard too,⁢ as they also have needs at linebacker. ‍Could this‍ lead to a showdown between these divisional rivals for Leonard’s signature?⁣ It’s definitely a⁢ possibility!

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