Jan Hooks, the ⁢talented comedian and actress, was ⁤born on April 23, 1957, in Decatur, Georgia. ​She grew up in Georgia ⁢and developed a passion for performing ​at an early age. Hooks attended the ⁢University of⁤ West ‍Florida, ⁣where she studied theater⁤ and developed her​ comedic ‍skills.⁣ After‍ graduating, she moved to Los Angeles ​to pursue‍ a career in comedy and acting.

In 1984, Jan Hooks tied the ‍knot with fellow ⁣actor and comedian, Kevin Nealon. The couple met⁣ while ‍working on⁤ the comedy show​ “Saturday ‌Night Live” and quickly fell in⁢ love. ⁤Their marriage was filled with laughter and joy, ‍and they ⁣often performed together in various ‍comedy shows and skits. Jan and Kevin’s partnership‌ was a testament to their⁤ shared love for making​ people laugh,​ and they ⁤became a beloved duo‌ in ​the entertainment ⁢industry.

Early Life ⁣Highlights Marriage Highlights
Jan Hooks​ was ​born in Decatur, Georgia Married​ Kevin Nealon in 1984
Studied⁤ theater at the ​University ⁤of West Florida Frequently performed⁤ together in comedy shows
Moved to Los Angeles ⁤to pursue​ acting career Shared a ​love for‌ making people⁤ laugh