Steven‍ Rife, a beloved⁣ member ⁢of our community, passed away ⁣on June 15, 2021, at⁣ the age of 75. His ⁢remarkable legacy lives on through ‌the countless lives he ⁣touched and the lasting impact he had ​on⁣ those ‌around him. Steven was ⁣known for his ⁣unwavering dedication ⁣to serving​ others and‌ his passion for making a difference in the world.

As we reflect on⁣ Steven’s ⁤life, ‌we remember the kindness and compassion he showed ‍to everyone he⁣ met. His ⁣generosity knew no bounds,⁢ and his‌ selfless nature inspired​ others⁣ to ‍follow in his footsteps. Whether he was volunteering at the local shelter or lending a ‍helping hand to a neighbor in need, ⁢Steven’s⁣ legacy of goodwill and‍ empathy will forever resonate within‌ our‍ community.

Full‌ Name Steven ​Rife
Birthdate April 10,​ 1946
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Date of Passing June 15, 2021

Steven’s⁢ impact on the ⁤world around him is immeasurable,⁢ and his legacy will continue to ‍inspire and guide future⁢ generations. He leaves behind⁣ a lasting⁤ impression ⁢of ‍love, compassion, and kindness that will forever be cherished by those who were fortunate‍ enough‍ to ‌know ⁣him.⁤ Steven Rife will be deeply missed, but ⁢his⁢ spirit lives⁣ on in the hearts ⁣of all who were ​touched by his⁢ remarkable ⁤presence.