As the wife ⁢of reggae legend Stephen Marley, Kertia DeCosta has always been⁣ deeply committed to using her⁣ platform​ for social causes.⁤ She has been ⁤involved in a number of charitable initiatives, working to support underprivileged communities and promote social justice. Kertia is known​ for her passion and dedication to making a positive impact on the⁤ world around her, and this commitment extends to her work with various ⁢organizations and causes.

One of the causes⁤ that Kertia DeCosta ​is particularly passionate​ about is education.‌ She believes that every individual ⁢has the right to a quality education, and she has been actively involved in efforts ​to improve ‍educational opportunities for‌ children in ‌underserved⁢ communities. ​Kertia has worked with several non-profit organizations​ that focus on ⁣providing access to education and resources for young people, and she continues to be‌ a vocal advocate for ‍the ⁢importance ‌of education⁤ in breaking the⁢ cycle of poverty.

Cause Organization Role
Educational Access UNICEF Supporter
Social​ Justice NAACP Activist
Environmental Conservation Greenpeace Advocate