Lonnie Frisbee was a renowned figure⁣ in the 1960s and 1970s as a⁤ Jesus Movement evangelist​ and one of‌ the key figures in the early days of the Calvary Chapel. However, rumors and speculations about his love life ⁢have intrigued many. One of the most common questions asked is, “Did Lonnie ​Frisbee have a wife?”

There is much mystery surrounding Lonnie Frisbee’s love life, and it has been a subject of much debate‌ among historians and researchers. While there is no⁤ concrete evidence to suggest that Lonnie Frisbee had a wife, there are accounts of him⁤ being ‌married briefly. ‌However, the details of this marriage are scarce, and there is little information about ‍his ⁣spouse or ​the duration of the marriage.

Fact Details
Marriage Accounts suggest Lonnie Frisbee ‍was married briefly, but details are scarce.
Rumors There are many rumors and speculations ⁤about Frisbee’s love life, but little concrete evidence.