The Unknown Story of Bianca Belair’s Husband

Meet the Supportive Partner Behind Bianca Belair’s Success in Wrestling

Bianca Belair has been making waves in ‍the⁣ world of professional ⁣wrestling with⁣ her impressive athleticism and undeniable charisma. However,⁣ behind the scenes, she has ⁤a⁣ supportive partner who has⁣ been⁣ by her ​side every step ​of⁣ the way. In this article, ⁢we’ll take a closer look at Bianca Belair’s⁣ husband​ and his role in her⁤ career and ⁢personal life.

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Bianca ⁣Belair’s Marriage⁣ to Montez Ford

It’s ⁣no ​secret that Bianca Belair is happily married‍ to ⁢fellow WWE superstar Montez ⁣Ford. The⁢ couple ​tied the knot ⁢in a​ beautiful ceremony surrounded by family ‍and friends, and their love story ⁢has captured the⁢ hearts‌ of ⁤fans ​around the​ world. ‍Here are some interesting details about Bianca Belair’s relationship with⁤ Montez⁣ Ford:

  • Love at first sight: Bianca and⁣ Montez first‌ met at the WWE Performance Center and it⁢ was ⁢love at first sight for both of ⁣them.
  • Supportive⁢ partners: Both Bianca and Montez⁤ have been⁤ supportive⁤ of‌ each other’s wrestling ⁢careers, often seen cheering each other ⁤on from ringside.
  • In-ring chemistry: ‍The‌ couple’s ‍on-screen chemistry⁤ is undeniable, and fans ⁢love seeing them team up‌ in the ring ‌as well.

It’s clear that Bianca and Montez share a strong bond, both⁣ personally and professionally, and their marriage ⁣is ⁢a true example of ⁤love ​and⁤ partnership.

Marriage Date: April 25, 2018
Children: None
Favorite Couple Moments: Winning their respective ‌WWE championships on the same⁤ night.

Their Love Story: How They Met and Fell in⁤ Love

Bianca ‌Belair, known‍ as the “EST ‍of​ WWE”, is‍ married to fellow WWE superstar ‍Montez Ford. Their love story is a beautiful ‌tale of ⁣passion, commitment, and‍ mutual respect. The couple first⁣ crossed paths⁣ during‌ their time ⁤at⁢ WWE’s Performance ⁣Center, where they⁢ both trained to become professional⁣ wrestlers. Their initial encounter sparked a⁤ deep connection, and they‌ soon⁣ realized that​ they were meant to be together.

As they⁢ continued ​to pursue their dreams in the wrestling world, Bianca ​and Montez’s bond grew⁣ stronger. Their shared love for ‍the sport and⁢ unwavering support for each other solidified their ‌relationship. Whether they were training⁢ in the ‌ring or‌ cheering‍ each other on from⁢ the sidelines, their love and admiration for one another shone through. Their journey together has ​been filled with⁤ triumphs, challenges, and unforgettable⁢ moments that have⁢ only strengthened their love and commitment to each other.

Balancing Marriage and Wrestling Careers

When it⁢ comes to ⁣, ​Bianca Belair and ‍her husband‍ Montez Ford have mastered the art. As professional​ wrestlers​ in the​ WWE, both ‍Bianca and‌ Montez⁤ have demanding schedules‍ that require​ them to‍ be⁣ on the road for extended periods of time.‌ Despite the challenges that ⁢come with their careers, they have found a way to ​make their marriage ‌thrive while pursuing their wrestling dreams.

One of the ⁢keys to ⁢their successful‌ balancing act⁤ is effective communication. Bianca and Montez prioritize open and ‍honest communication to ​ensure that they are on the same page regarding their schedules, commitments,⁤ and personal needs. Additionally, they make the ⁢most out of the time they do have together by planning special activities and quality time to ⁢nurture ⁢their relationship.

Key ‍Tips for :
1. Effective communication
2. Prioritize quality time together
3.⁢ Support each other’s career goals

Supporting Each Other: Their Key to​ a ⁤Strong⁢ Marriage

Bianca Belair ⁤is married to fellow⁢ wrestler Kenneth Crawford, also known as Montez‌ Ford ⁢in the WWE. ‍The couple⁤ tied the⁤ knot in 2018 and have been a strong support system for ​each other ever ⁢since. Their marriage is ‌a testament to the power of‍ teamwork⁢ and mutual respect, which ⁢has been⁣ a⁢ foundational element in their successful careers.

One of‌ the key factors that‌ contribute ⁤to their strong marriage is their ‍unwavering ⁣support ⁤for each other. They have ⁣been each other’s ⁣biggest ‌cheerleaders, celebrating ​each other’s triumphs and supporting one another through ⁣challenges. This level⁣ of support ⁤has not only ⁣strengthened their bond but has ⁣also contributed to their individual ⁤and collective success in⁣ their wrestling careers.

In addition to their shared passion for wrestling, ‍Bianca and Kenneth also prioritize open‍ communication, trust, ⁢and a shared sense of purpose ⁤in their ‍marriage. They have managed‍ to navigate the demands of their ​careers while prioritizing their relationship,⁣ making ​time⁤ for each other, ⁤and ⁤maintaining⁤ a solid⁢ foundation based on love and ‌respect. By prioritizing their‌ marriage and supporting‍ each other,​ Bianca and⁤ Kenneth have created a​ strong and enduring partnership that has been instrumental⁢ in their personal⁣ and​ professional growth.


Q: Who ⁤is Bianca Belair’s husband?
A: ‌Bianca Belair’s husband⁤ is⁢ Kenneth⁣ Crawford, also known as “Montez Ford” ​in‍ the ‍wrestling world.

Q: How did ⁣Bianca Belair and Montez Ford meet?
A: Bianca Belair and ‍Montez Ford​ met⁣ while training at​ the ⁢WWE ⁣Performance Center and eventually got married in 2018.

Q: What does Montez Ford do for a living?
A: Montez Ford‍ is a professional wrestler ⁤who performs for ⁤WWE as part ⁣of⁣ the tag team⁤ “The Street Profits”.

Q: Do Bianca Belair and Montez⁢ Ford ‍work together in WWE?
A: Yes, both Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are active in⁢ the WWE​ and occasionally appear ​together⁤ on ‌WWE‍ programming.

Q: How‍ do they support⁢ each other’s careers?
A: ⁤Bianca Belair and Montez⁢ Ford are ⁣supportive of ‌each other’s wrestling careers⁢ and often ⁣promote ⁤each other’s⁣ matches and accomplishments on social media.

Q: Are there any rumors or⁤ controversies‍ surrounding‍ their relationship?
A: There ⁣are no known rumors or controversies ⁢surrounding​ Bianca ⁤Belair and Montez Ford’s relationship. They appear to​ have a strong and supportive ‌partnership ⁣both personally ‌and professionally.

Final Thoughts

In⁤ conclusion, Bianca Belair is ​happily married to fellow‌ WWE ⁢superstar Montez⁤ Ford, and​ the couple often shares their love and support for ‍each ⁤other on social media. ⁣Their relationship serves as ​an inspiration for many, and fans can’t help but admire ⁣their​ strong⁣ bond both inside and outside ⁢the ring. ‍As Belair continues to rise in her professional career,⁢ it’s⁣ clear that she has ⁤the love and support of her husband by her side. We look forward to‍ seeing what the future holds ⁤for this power couple​ both in and out of the WWE spotlight.⁤ rnrn


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