To Haas Lincoln NE: Your Trusted Tire Experts

To⁤ Haas Lincoln‍ NE ⁣is a⁣ popular tire⁤ and auto service center located in Lincoln,⁢ Nebraska. Known for⁤ its exceptional ‍customer ⁢service ​and wide range of automotive services, To ‌Haas has become a trusted name in the Lincoln community. In this ​article,​ we will explore the history, services, and customer experience of To Haas‌ Lincoln NE, providing ​a comprehensive overview of what⁤ makes‍ this business​ a go-to‍ destination for car owners in the area. Whether you’re in need of new tires, an oil‍ change, or more extensive repairs, ‍To Haas has⁢ you​ covered.

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Exploring the History of To Haas Tire​ and​ Auto ‌in Lincoln, NE

Since its establishment in 1947, To⁣ Haas Tire and Auto has been a⁤ prominent fixture in ‍the automotive industry of Lincoln, Nebraska. Originally known as‌ Haas‍ Tire, the company initially ‍specialized in tire sales and service. As the demands of the automotive industry⁣ evolved, so⁢ did the services offered by ⁣To Haas,⁤ expanding ⁤to include​ a full range of auto⁢ repair and​ maintenance⁢ services.

Over the years, the company has grown significantly, currently operating ⁤multiple locations⁣ throughout the ​Lincoln area. Each location is equipped‍ with ⁤state-of-the-art technology ⁣and‌ staffed by​ experienced technicians who are ⁣committed⁢ to providing ​top-notch ‌service to their customers. ⁣Some of the services offered ⁤by To⁣ Haas​ include:

  • Tire Services: Including⁣ sales, installation, rotation, balancing,‍ and repair.
  • Auto⁣ Maintenance: ⁢ Such ‌as⁢ oil⁣ changes, brake services,‍ battery ⁣checks,‍ and more.
  • Auto ‍Repair: Ranging from​ engine diagnostics to transmission work and everything in⁣ between.

One ‍notable ⁣aspect of To Haas ⁣Tire ​and Auto ⁣is its‍ dedication to community involvement. The company‌ actively participates ⁤in local​ events ⁢and charities, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community ​that has supported them for ‍decades. Below is ⁢a table showcasing some ⁢of​ the events and charities that⁤ To‍ Haas has been involved with:

Event/Charity Description
Lincoln Food ‌Bank Drive Annual ‍food drive⁣ supporting local ‌families ⁤in need.
High School Sponsorship Sponsorship of local high school sports teams and events.
Environmental Initiatives Participation ‌in local ​programs aimed at sustainability and ⁣environmental conservation.

As To Haas Tire and​ Auto continues ⁤to thrive and⁣ expand, its ‍impact on the Lincoln ⁢community‌ is undeniable. With ⁣its‍ rich history ⁣and⁢ dedication to excellence, the company ⁢is poised to remain a staple in the Nebraska automotive industry for years to come.

Services and⁣ Products Offered at To Haas Tire​ and Auto

At To Haas​ Tire and Auto, ⁢we offer a wide range​ of services‌ and products to ⁣meet⁤ all ⁣of your automotive​ needs. Whether you are in need ‌of routine maintenance ⁤or a major repair, ‌our ‍team ⁣of highly skilled technicians has⁢ you covered.


  • Oil changes and routine maintenance
  • Brake services ‌and repairs
  • Engine ‍diagnostics and​ repairs
  • Tire sales⁤ and ⁤installation
  • Wheel alignments and balancing
  • Exhaust system repairs
  • Battery testing and​ replacement

In ⁣addition to ⁢our services, we also offer a ‌selection⁣ of top-quality tires and auto ‍parts.‌ We carry a ⁣variety of brands to ensure ⁣that you​ find the ​perfect fit ⁣for your vehicle.


  • All-season ​tires
  • Winter tires
  • Performance ‌tires
  • Custom wheels
  • Batteries
  • Brake ‍pads ⁢and rotors
  • Filters and fluids

Our goal is to ​provide our customers with the best possible service and ‌products ​to keep their vehicles ​running smoothly and safely. Visit us ‌at To Haas Tire and Auto‍ in⁣ Lincoln, ⁣NE⁤ for all of⁢ your ⁣automotive needs.

Customer Experiences ⁢and Reviews of ⁢To Haas Tire and Auto

At⁤ To ⁣Haas Tire and⁤ Auto, customer satisfaction is a top priority. The Lincoln, NE location⁣ has garnered⁢ numerous positive reviews from customers who have ⁢experienced their ​services firsthand. Whether it’s a ‌routine​ oil change or a complex repair,​ the team at​ To ‍Haas ​Tire and⁢ Auto consistently delivers‌ high-quality work and excellent customer‍ service.

Here ⁣are some experiences shared by customers:

  • John‌ D. raves about the friendly staff and⁣ honest‍ service he​ received⁤ when getting‍ his brakes replaced.
  • Mary​ S.‌ appreciates the timely and efficient work ⁤done on her car, saying it now‍ runs smoother than ever.
  • Tom⁢ W. was impressed with⁢ the competitive pricing‌ and⁤ the‌ detailed explanation of ⁢the services provided.

Additionally, To Haas Tire and ⁤Auto prides ‍itself on being a community-oriented ⁤business. They offer⁣ discounts for ​military members and ⁣first responders, as⁤ well as ​having a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi ‍for customers.

Service Rating Comments
Tire Alignment 5/5 “Quick and ‍accurate service”
Oil Change 4.5/5 “Affordable and thorough”
Brake‍ Repair 5/5 “Highly‍ skilled technicians”

If you’re looking⁤ for reliable auto ‍services in Lincoln, NE, consider To Haas Tire and Auto. ⁣With their⁤ commitment to customer⁣ satisfaction ​and​ community ⁤support,⁢ it’s clear why they have such glowing reviews.

Maintenance Tips‍ and⁢ Advice for Car Owners‍ in‍ Lincoln, NE

Regular Oil Changes -⁤ One of the most important maintenance tips for car‌ owners in Lincoln is⁤ to keep up with ‍regular‍ oil changes. ‌This is ⁤essential for keeping‌ your engine ‌running‌ smoothly and prolonging ‍its lifespan. To Haas Lincoln, ⁤NE recommends getting an oil change⁣ every 3,000 to 5,000‌ miles,⁢ depending⁣ on your car’s make⁣ and model.

  • Check your owner’s manual ⁢for​ specific recommendations
  • Use high-quality​ oil ‌ for ​better engine⁢ performance
  • Schedule regular oil change⁤ appointments to ⁣avoid forgetting

Tire​ Maintenance – Proper tire maintenance is crucial for safe⁣ driving ​in Lincoln’s varying weather conditions.⁣ To⁢ Haas Lincoln, NE ‌suggests ‍checking tire​ pressure regularly, as ⁣well as⁢ rotating your tires every 6,000 to ​8,000 miles to ensure even wear. It’s also important⁢ to⁤ inspect your ​tires for any signs⁣ of damage or excessive wear, and replace them when necessary.

  • Keep‌ a tire ‌pressure⁢ gauge‍ in your car ​for easy checks
  • Don’t forget to check your spare tire’s pressure as well
  • Consider‌ investing ⁢in seasonal tires for ​better performance in different weather conditions
Service Interval
Oil ⁢Change 3,000-5,000 miles
Tire Rotation 6,000-8,000 miles
Tire Replacement When tread depth ‍is less than 2/32 of an inch

By ‌following these maintenance tips and advice, ‌car owners in Lincoln,⁤ NE can keep their vehicles in top condition⁣ and avoid costly​ repairs ‍down the line. Remember, regular maintenance is key ⁤to a‌ reliable and safe ⁢vehicle.


Q: What is “to haas lincoln ne”?
A: “To haas‍ lincoln⁢ ne” is a shorthand way‌ of referring to a popular tourist ​attraction ‍in ⁤Lincoln, Nebraska called “The Haas Cliington.”

Q: What is “The​ Haas Cliington”?
A: The ⁣Haas Cliington is a historic ⁤building ‍located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is known ⁢for its unique architecture and rich history.

Q: What⁣ can visitors​ expect to see at The⁢ Haas Cliington?
A: Visitors can ⁣expect to see beautifully ‌preserved historical ‍architecture, as⁣ well as exhibits​ and displays⁢ that showcase⁤ the history of ⁤the building and ⁤its significance to the⁣ local⁤ community.

Q: Is The Haas ⁢Cliington open to ⁤the public?
A: Yes, ⁢The Haas ⁤Cliington is open⁣ to the⁣ public for tours⁢ and visits. It ⁣is a popular destination ⁣for ⁢both⁢ locals and tourists interested in history and architecture.

Q: Are there any upcoming events ⁤or⁢ special⁣ exhibits ‌at The ‍Haas Cliington?
A:⁣ While ‍specific⁣ events and exhibits​ may vary, The Haas Cliington​ often hosts special events and exhibits related to local history,‌ art, ⁢and culture. It is recommended to ⁣check their ​website‌ or‌ contact them directly for​ the latest information. ‍

In Retrospect

In⁣ conclusion, Lincoln, NE ‍offers a variety of attractions and activities ⁤for visitors‌ to ⁣enjoy. From ‍its ⁤rich⁢ history ‌to its vibrant⁢ arts and culture scene, ⁤there⁢ is something for everyone ​to explore‍ in ⁤this ‍charming city. Whether you are‌ a history buff, nature⁢ enthusiast, ⁤or foodie,⁣ Lincoln has something to offer. So, next time you’re looking for a⁤ Midwest destination ⁢to visit, consider ‍making ⁢a trip to⁣ Lincoln, ‍NE and experience‍ all that⁣ this city has ⁣to offer.⁣ We hope the⁤ information⁣ provided in this article has given you some insight into why ​Lincoln, ‍NE is⁢ worth a visit.


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