Up First briefing: Truce in Gaza extended; Texas Supreme Court to hear abortion case

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Today’s top news: Israel‍ and Hamas have agreed to extend their truce for two more days. This ⁢extension is to allow for the⁢ release of more hostages ⁢taken from Israel ⁤in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The agreement states that Israel ‍will release 30 ​more ​Palestinians for every 10 Israeli hostages released.

In a heartwarming image, released Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Abu Al-Humus, 17, is shown hugging his mother after arriving home in the‌ east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. This touching moment comes as eleven Israelis were also released in ⁢the latest Israel-Hamas swap ​of captives.

However, despite the truce, there is still a shortage of aid in Gaza to⁢ meet basic needs. Reports claim that there just ⁢isn’t enough aid to go around. Long lines for​ supplies ⁣like oil are becoming‌ common, ⁤causing rising anger among the people. Adding to the tension, there⁣ are​ media‌ reports suggesting that Israeli ‌leaders neglected ‌intelligence warnings about recent attacks ‍by ​Hamas.

For more coverage, differing views, and analysis of this conflict, make ‌sure to ​check out npr.org/mideastupdates.

In another news story, a 48-year-old Vermont man named Jason J. Eaton has pleaded not guilty to attempted​ second-degree⁢ murder ‍charges. He is accused ‍of shooting three college students of Palestinian descent who were visiting Burlington. ⁤Charged with 20 years ​to life for each murder charge, Eaton⁢ is being held in prison without bail. Authorities are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

All three men remain in the ICU as of yesterday. They ​have been friends for 12 years,​ having gone to school ‌together in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Elizabeth Price,​ the mother‌ of one of the victims,⁢ spoke out about her son’s injuries and their fears for his ⁤safety, stating that her husband ‌didn’t even want their son to come back for Christmas, believing he would be safer in the U.S. than in⁤ Palestine.

Switching gears, ⁤let’s not forget that the Iowa caucuses are just around the corner. Republican voters will soon have the⁣ opportunity to choose‍ their⁤ first candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination.‌ The once-crowded field has narrowed down, but the remaining candidates have yet to catch up to the current ‍front-runner, Donald Trump.

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As the clock struck midnight in the Middle East, a three-day ceasefire ‍between the state of Israel and Hamas was extended on Friday morning. Just ​hours​ later, a major abortion case was‌ set to be heard at the Texas Supreme Court in Austin, leading many to ask whether‌ the state-sponsored restrictions on ​abortion schedules were constitutional.

For now, though, there is a sense of temporary respite in the Israel-Gaza region. After days of violent⁣ conflict, the fragile ceasefire​ has been extended until May 5th – the second consecutive ceasefire in​ as many weeks. Intermittent violence had killed⁤ 119 in Gaza and eight in Israel, leading many to call for an end to the conflict.

Palestinian government ‍sources said that Egypt’s emergency mediators had already given tentative approval of the 10-day extension, which was approved by leaders on ⁣both sides of the conflict. The details of the ceasefire are still​ being negotiated, but it⁢ is expected that ⁣an agreement on opening border crossings will likely be a key part of this latest⁣ ceasefire.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the Texas Supreme Court is‍ preparing to hear a major abortion case, which is set to be argued on ⁣Friday morning. The case, which involves the state-mandated abortion‌ timeline, hinges on whether the state is legally permitted to limit abortions to 24 weeks and whether the rule violates the state’s constitutionally protected right ⁣to ‍abortion.

The abortion case is being ‌heard at the state level, but the outcome could have implications for⁢ the entire country. It is expected that the court’s⁣ opinion will be closely⁢ watched ‌by abortion rights ⁣advocates and opponents alike.

All eyes‍ will ⁣be on both Israel-Gaza and the Texas Supreme Court as major cases involving human rights and healthcare ⁢are​ set to ⁣be heard all in the same day.


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