Scream 1: Unmasking the Identity of the Killer

The 1996 horror classic Scream has become a cult favorite, with fans all over the world debating one of the film’s biggest mysteries: Who was the killer? This article will explore the identity of the killer in Scream 1, discussing clues from throughout the movie and analyzing theories put forward by fans.

What is Scream

Scream is a 1996 American slasher film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, the movie follows a group of teens in the fictional town of Woodsboro as they are terrorized by a mysterious killer.

Brief description of the storyline and characters

Scream tells the story of Sidney Prescott, a teenage girl who is targeted by a serial killer in her small hometown of Woodsboro.

The Initial Murders

Overview of the first murders that occur in the movie

The movie begins with two teenagers, Steven Orth and Casey Becker, engaging in a phone conversation with an unknown caller. The caller turns out to be the killer, who asks them horror movie trivia questions before killing Steven and fatally wounding Casey.

Introduction of the main suspects

As the movie progresses, viewers are introduced to a number of potential suspects for the killer. The first suspect is Billy Loomis, Sidney’s boyfriend and the son of Woodsboro’s police chief. Billy is portrayed as an intelligent but troubled young man who has a strong interest in horror films.

The Red Herrings

Discussion of the various characters that are initially suspected

Throughout the course of Scream, several characters are suspected of being the killer at various points in time. One of the earliest suspects is Billy Loomis, Sidney’s boyfriend and the son of Woodsboro’s police chief.

Analysis of their motives and suspicious behaviors

The motives for the killer vary from suspect to suspect, but all of them have suspicious behaviors that make them potential suspects. Billy Loomis is a prime example; his interest in horror films and dark personality make him seem like an ideal killer.

The Reveal

Description of the moment when the killer’s identity is revealed

The identity of the killer in Scream 1 is revealed in a suspenseful scene near the end of the movie. After discovering that she was being framed by someone else, Sidney confronts Billy in his house and accuses him of being the murderer.

Explanation of the motives behind the killings

The motives behind the murders in Scream 1 are revealed as the movie progresses and viewers learn more about the killer’s identity. It is eventually revealed that Billy Loomis was motivated by revenge against Sidney’s mother for having an affair with his father, which ultimately resulted in his parents’ divorce.

The Twist

Introduction of the second killer

The twist in Scream 1 is the introduction of a second killer, Billy Loomis’s partner-in-crime Stu Macher. Throughout the movie, Stu had been pretending to be Billy’s friend and ally while secretly helping him carry out his plan.

Analysis of the collaboration between the two killers

The collaboration between Billy Loomis and Stu Macher was critical to the success of their murderous plan in Scream 1. While Billy was the mastermind behind the murders, Stu provided a necessary partner by helping to carry out his sinister plans.

Final Showdown

Overview of the climactic scenes where the survivors confront the killers

The climax of Scream 1 takes place in a warehouse where the survivors confront Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, the two killers responsible for murdering their friends.

Explanation of how the identity of the killers influences the outcome

The identity of the killers in Scream 1 has a major influence on the outcome of the movie, as all of their actions are driven by their motives.


The killer in Scream 1 is revealed to be Billy Loomis, a horror movie enthusiast with a dark personality and an ax to grind against Sidney’s mother for having an affair with his father. Joining him in the killings is his partner-in-crime Stu Macher, whose motivations were financial gain.


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