Unmasking the Killer: Exploring the Identity of the Culprit in Scream 5

The latest instalment in the slasher film franchise Scream has finally arrived, and fans are eager tooldfavourites as well as introducing a new killer.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the identity of discover who is the killer this time around.

What is the Scream franchise

The Scream franchise is a popular horror movie series that follows the story of Ghostface, a serial killer who targets teenagers in fictional Woodsboro, California. The series first began in 1996 with the release of its self-titled film which spawned four sequels. All five films feature different storylines and characters while still being linked by their common antagonist.

The original Scream movie, released in 1996, follows Sidney Prescott as she returns to her hometown of Woodsboro three years after a serial killer murdered her mother. It is soon discovered that a copycat murderer has started killing again and it is up to Sidney to find out who is behind the mask.

Anticipation for Scream 5

The release of Scream 5 has been highly anticipated by horror movie fans and long-time followers of the franchise. With a new cast of characters, the mystery is greater than ever, and the lurking suspense will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Setting the Stage

Recap of the events from Scream 4

Scream 4, released in 2011, saw Sidney Prescott return to Woodsboro after a decade away for her book tour. During this time, Ghostface is back and targeting Sidney’s friends and family.

Scream 5 brings with it a fresh set of characters, all of whom are trying to uncover the identity of Ghostface. Sydney Prescott is back as the protagonist, alongside her cousin Jill Roberts and her friends Kirby Reed and Charlie Walker.

The mystery surrounding the killer’s identity in Scream 5 is far more complex than in previous installments. This time, the new cast of characters will have to unravel clues and evidence that point to multiple suspects, while also uncovering secrets from the past that are linked to Ghostface’s latest spree.

Suspects and Misdirections

Character analysis of the potential suspects

1. Character A

The list of potential suspects in Scream 5 is vast, with each character possessing their own motives and secrets that could point to them as the killer. First on the list is Kirby Reed, a Woodsboro native and close friend of Sydney Prescott, who has been deeply affected by the slasher’s recent spree.

2. Character B

The second suspect is Detective Hoss, a veteran police officer who has been tasked with investigating the spate of murders that have taken place in Woodsboro. He has a strong sense of justice and is determined to bring the killer to justice, but he also struggles to stay one step ahead of the murderer.

3. Character C

The third suspect in Scream 5 is Deputy Judy Hicks, a rookie officer who is assigned to help Detective Hoss with the investigation. She is eager to prove herself and has an intuitive understanding of criminal behavior that makes her a valuable asset to the team.

4. Character D

The fourth suspect is Charlie Walker, Sidney Prescott’s cousin and the adopted son of her aunt Kate Roberts. Charlie is a troubled young man who has a long history of getting into trouble with the law. He seems to be drawn to Ghostface and has been observed following them around town as well as having access to their weapons.

When examining the motives and suspicious behaviors of the potential killers in Scream 5, there are several aspects that can be considered. Each character has their own motivations for why they would want to commit the murders, as well as their own unique behavior patterns that could point to them being the killer.

The filmmakers of Scream 5 have employed a number of misdirections throughout the film in order to keep audiences guessing about who the killer is until the very end.

Unveiling the Truth

Climactic showdown with the killer

The climactic showdown with the killer in Scream 5 is one of the most intense and thrilling scenes in the entire film. After all the suspense, misdirection, and character development throughout the movie, audiences are finally able to find out who Ghostface really is.

Revelation of the killer’s identity

The identity of the killer in Scream 5 is finally revealed as Deputy Judy Hicks, who had been playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Woodsboro police department throughout the film. As it turns out, she was seeking revenge for her murdered father, whom she believed to be killed by Sidney Prescott’s mother.

The motives of each suspect in Scream 5 are rooted in events from the previous films. Detective Hoss’ connection to the murders is based on his desire to avenge the death of his former partner, who was killed at the hands of Ghostface in Scream 2.

The impact of the killer’s reveal on the survivors and the audience

The reveal of the killer in Scream 5 was a shocking twist that had an immense impact on both the survivors and the audience. After all the tension and suspense built up throughout the movie, viewers were left stunned by Deputy Judy Hicks as the true identity of Ghostface.

Audience Reactions

When Deputy Judy Hicks was revealed as the killer in Scream 5, initial reactions from both viewers and survivors were one of shock and surprise. Many were stunned by the twist, having not expected such a major character to be behind the mask.

Prior to the release of Scream 5, many fans had speculated who the killer may be and what their motives would be. Some theorized that Deputy Judy Hicks could be responsible for the murders, while others believed that it would be someone entirely unrelated to Sidney Prescott and her past.

The reveal of Deputy Judy Hicks as the killer in Scream 5 has been met with both praise and criticism from viewers and critics alike.


The reveal of Deputy Judy Hicks as the killer in Scream 5 was a shocking twist that left many viewers and survivors stunned. With her motives rooted in events from previous films, audiences were able to better understand her actions, while also appreciating how well the filmmakers managed to keep them guessing until the very end.


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