Behind Bars: The Story of Why Social Media Stars Sam and Colby Went to Jail

Sam and Colby, two popular YouTubers, made headlines after they were arrested in Arizona last year. Their arrest caused confusion and curiosity among their fans as to why they were taken into custody. This article will delve into the details of Sam and Colby’s arrest and explore what happened that led to them being taken into police custody.

Who are Sam and Colby?

Sam and Colby are two friends who rose to fame on social media for their hilarious videos. They first started making videos as teenagers in 2014, and since then have become YouTube stars with over 3 million subscribers. The duo creates comedy skits, pranks, and challenges that entertain their fans all over the world. Their YouTube channel has led to other opportunities such as guest appearances on TV shows , music videos, and film projects.

Preview of the topic: the controversy that led to them going to jail

In July 2019, Sam and Colby were arrested in Arizona for trespassing on private property. They had gone to the abandoned site of a former hospital to film a video, despite being warned by security guards that they were not allowed on the premises. Sam and Colby argued that they had not seen any signs warning them of trespassing and that they had permission from the owner, but security guards called the police and both were arrested.

Trespassing and Vandalism

Sam and Colby had gone to the abandoned site of a former hospital in Arizona to film a video. They were warned by security guards that they were not allowed on the premises, but they decided to ignore their warnings and continue exploring. As they moved around the building, Sam and Colby opened doors, climbed through windows, and explored dangerous parts of the building. They also caused some destruction in the building by breaking windows, doors, and walls.

Sam and Colby’s exploration of the abandoned hospital resulted in them being charged with trespassing and vandalism. Trespassing is a crime that occurs when someone enters another person’s property without permission or authorization. In this case, Sam and Colby entered onto private property despite warnings from security guards.

The damage caused by Sam and Colby during their exploration of the abandoned hospital was significant. Not only did they open doors, climb through windows, and explore dangerous parts of the building, but they also caused destruction in the form of broken windows, doors, and walls. In addition to this physical damage, Sam and Colby also left graffiti on the walls of the abandoned hospital.

Arrest and Consequences

Sam and Colby’s exploration of the abandoned hospital resulted in their arrest by the police. Security guards had called the police when they saw Sam and Colby entering the building, and when officers arrived on the scene, they placed both men in custody. Sam and Colby were charged with trespassing and vandalism, and were then taken to a nearby police station where they were booked.

The legal consequences of Sam and Colby’s actions were serious, as they both faced charges for trespassing and vandalism. If found guilty, the two could be sentenced to up to six months in jail depending on the severity of the crime. In addition to this , they could also be required to pay a fine or restitution to the owner of the property for the damages caused.

The impact of Sam and Colby’s arrest on their social media career and personal lives was significant. After the incident, fans were quick to express their disappointment in the duo for their reckless behavior. The viral news generated by the controversy surrounding the arrest also caused a decrease in subscribers to their YouTube channel, as well as a decrease in views and likes on their videos. In addition to this, Sam and Colby had to face the consequences of their actions in court, which led to a strain on their personal relationships with family and friends.

Public Reactions and Controversy

The public reaction to Sam and Colby’s arrest and charges was largely negative. People were quick to criticize their reckless behavior and disregard for the law, while also expressing disappointment in their role models. In addition, many felt that the punishment they received was not harsh enough, suggesting that they should have had to face more serious consequences for their actions. The controversy surrounding the incident further highlighted the dangers of trespassing and vandalism, as well as the need to respect other people’s property.

The controversy surrounding Sam and Colby’s arrest sparked a debate within the YouTube community about the ethics of their content. While some people felt that the duo should be held responsible for their actions, others argued that they were simply creating entertaining content and that they had no intention of committing a crime. This debate highlighted the need for creators to be more aware of the consequences of their actions and to take responsibility for the content they produce.

Following their arrest, Sam and Colby issued an apology to the public for their reckless behavior. They acknowledged their wrongdoing and expressed regret for putting themselves in a position where they could be arrested. They also apologized to the owner of the property for any damages caused during their exploration and vowed to take better care in the future. Furthermore, they explained that they had learned a valuable lesson from this experience and would use it to inform their content moving forward.


In summary, Sam and Colby were arrested for trespassing and vandalism after they explored an abandoned hospital without permission. Security guards called the police when they saw the two men entering the building, and officers arrived on the scene to take them into custody. They were then taken to a nearby police station where they were booked before being released on bail. The legal consequences of their actions could have resulted in jail time, depending on the severity of the crime.

The incident involving Sam and Colby serves as a reminder of the importance of being aware of the consequences of one’s actions. People should always be mindful of laws and regulations when engaging in activities, regardless of their intentions. It is also important to recognize that any illegal behavior can have serious repercussions, including jail time or fines. Furthermore, it is important to take responsibility for one’s actions and to apologize when appropriate.

Final thoughts on the future of their career and personal lives.

The arrest of Sam and Colby has had a lasting impact on their career and personal lives. Despite the controversy surrounding the incident, they have continued to produce content for their YouTube channel and are still viewed as role models by many of their fans. Moving forward, it is important for them to be mindful of the consequences of their actions and to ensure that they are producing content that is not only entertaining but also ethical.


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