Ariana Neal Age: Young Actress Makes Waves in Hollywood

Ariana Neal, the talented young actress known ‍for⁣ her role as ‌Hillary in the hit sitcom “Fruitvale Station,” has captivated audiences with her impressive acting ‍skills. As ⁤her career continues to‍ soar, ​many fans are curious to know more about the ‍rising star, including details about her age.​ In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Ariana Neal, and explore just how far she has come at such a young age.

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Ariana Neal: Hollywood’s Rising Star

Ariana ⁤Neal is a talented and promising ⁤young actress who has been‌ making waves in Hollywood.⁣ At just ⁣16 years old,⁢ she has ⁢already ​made a name for herself in the​ entertainment ​industry, starring in various films and television shows. Her rise to fame has ⁣been nothing ⁢short of ‍impressive, and many are curious to ⁣know more about this rising star, including her age.

Despite her young age, Ariana Neal has​ already achieved a level of success ‍that many actors can only dream⁢ of. Her remarkable talent and dedication to her craft‍ have set her apart from her⁣ peers, and she shows no signs ⁢of slowing ‌down. As ​she continues to take on new and ⁤exciting projects, fans can’t help but wonder how old this ‍talented actress is.

While ‍it may be surprising ‌to some, Ariana Neal​ is currently 16 ‌years⁣ old. Despite her youth, ⁣she has already had a significant ⁣impact on the entertainment industry, and her future ⁤looks‍ incredibly bright.

Early Career and Breakout Roles

Ariana Neal, at⁤ the age ​of ⁣17, has already ⁣achieved significant success⁣ in her as an actress. With a promising future ⁣ahead of her, Neal has ⁣already made a name for‍ herself in the⁤ entertainment industry.

Some of Neal’s include:

  • Role in “Fruitvale Station”:​ In 2013, Neal ⁢played ‌the role of Tatiana, the⁢ daughter of Oscar Grant, in⁤ the‌ critically acclaimed film “Fruitvale Station.”
  • Role in “Get Hard”: Neal appeared in the ‌2015 comedy film “Get Hard” alongside Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, showcasing her versatility as an⁤ actress at‍ a young age.
  • Television Appearances: Neal has also ⁢made appearances on popular television shows, including “Hawaii Five-0” and “Atlanta,” further‍ solidifying her presence in the industry.
Year Role
2013 “Fruitvale Station”
2015 “Get Hard”

As⁣ Ariana Neal continues to‌ hone ⁣her craft and take on new⁢ projects, audiences can expect to see ‌even more​ impressive performances ‌from ‍this talented young actress. With ​her ⁤dedication ‍and ⁢talent, she is⁢ sure to leave ⁤a lasting impact on ⁣the entertainment ⁤industry.

Insight into Ariana Neal’s Personal Life

Ariana Neal, the talented young actress known for her roles in films like “Fruitvale​ Station” and “Get Hard”, was born ‍on August 12, ⁢2004, making her age 17 as of 2021.‍ Despite her‍ young age, she has already made ​a name for​ herself ⁣in⁣ the⁣ entertainment ⁢industry with her impressive acting skills and charming personality.

While not much is known about⁢ Ariana Neal’s personal ⁣life,‌ she ⁢has shared some insights into her upbringing and ⁢interests ‌through her social ⁣media accounts and interviews. ‍Ariana is a proud native of Brooklyn, New York, and​ has expressed ‍her‌ love for her ‍hometown in various interviews. She has also mentioned her passion ⁢for dancing and singing, and ⁣often shares snippets of her performances on her ⁣Instagram⁣ page.

Upcoming⁣ Projects and Future Plans

It’s an exciting time for​ fans of the talented young actress Ariana ‌Neal, ‍who is poised to take on new and ⁣exciting projects in⁤ the near future. At just⁣ 17 years old, Ariana⁢ has already‍ made a name for ⁢herself ​in the entertainment industry,⁣ and her future⁣ plans are eagerly anticipated by her growing fan base.

While details of Ariana’s upcoming projects are⁤ still under wraps,‌ sources close to the actress have hinted⁤ at a range‍ of exciting opportunities on the horizon. From potential film​ roles to new collaborations with top industry talent, Ariana’s future looks⁤ bright and full of promise. Keep an eye out for updates on ‌Ariana’s upcoming projects, as she continues to solidify her status as a ‌rising star in⁤ Hollywood.


Q: ⁢How old⁣ is‌ Ariana Neal?
A:⁢ According to public records, Ariana⁤ Neal was born on August ⁤9, 2005, which‌ would make her 16 years old at ⁤the⁢ time of writing.

Q: What is Ariana Neal⁢ known for?
A: Ariana Neal‌ is known ⁢for her acting career, having ⁣appeared in⁣ several‍ television series and films.

Q: What are some ⁢of Ariana‍ Neal’s notable roles?
A:⁢ Ariana⁣ Neal is‌ best⁣ known for her role as ​Cheyenne in the television series “Fruitvale⁢ Station” and as Bella‍ in the⁣ film “Hidden Figures.”

Q: Has Ariana Neal received any​ awards​ for her ‍work?
A: Ariana Neal‍ has not received ​any major ‌awards ​for her acting, but she has been‍ praised for her performances in various projects.

Q: What upcoming projects does Ariana ‌Neal have?
A: At the moment, there is no ⁢information available about any upcoming projects‌ for Ariana Neal. ‍However, she continues to ‍be​ active in the entertainment industry.

Q:⁣ How has Ariana‍ Neal’s career progressed over the years?
A: Ariana Neal began her acting ‍career at a⁣ young age and has⁢ steadily ⁤built a reputation as⁤ a ‌talented and promising young ‍actress. ​She has continued to take on diverse and challenging roles, showcasing her ⁣range as an actor.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, ‍it is clear that Ariana Neal has accomplished​ a great ⁤deal⁢ at a young age. With her ‍talent and⁢ determination, she has already made a name for ‍herself‍ in the⁤ entertainment industry. As she continues to grow and⁣ hone her‌ craft, it will ⁢be exciting to see where her career takes her.⁢ We look⁤ forward to seeing what⁤ the ⁣future holds for⁣ this talented young star. ⁢Stay⁢ tuned for more updates on Ariana Neal and her⁤ journey ‌in the world of entertainment.


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