Discover Hazel Gordy’s Age: What You Need to Know

Hazel Gordy, the daughter of‍ music legend Berry Gordy, has been a largely private figure in the public eye. Now, as she reaches⁣ a milestone age, we​ take a closer look at her life and achievements. Join​ us as we explore the story of Hazel Gordy, and learn more about the woman behind the famous surname.

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Hazel Gordy’s Early Life⁢ and⁢ Career in the Music Industry

Hazel Gordy,⁤ the daughter of ⁢Motown Records founder Berry Gordy,⁤ was born on August 24, 1954. Growing ‌up in the heart of the music industry, ​Hazel’s early life​ was⁣ filled with exposure to some of⁤ the greatest musicians and ⁣performers of the time. ‌Her ‍father’s influence undoubtedly ⁢played a significant role⁣ in ‍shaping ⁣her future career in the music industry.

Hazel Gordy’s career in‌ the music ⁢industry began when she joined Motown Records in the early 1970s. She started as an executive assistant and quickly worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming a senior vice president ‍at the label. ​Her keen business sense and passion ⁢for music made her a⁤ valuable asset to the company, and she played a crucial role in the success of many Motown artists.

Throughout her career, Hazel Gordy has been involved in various aspects of the music industry, from artist development to marketing and promotion. Her contributions have helped shape the careers of numerous artists and have left a lasting impact⁣ on the music industry as a whole. Today, she continues to be a respected‍ figure in the music business, using her expertise to mentor ‌and guide the next ⁣generation of music industry professionals.

Hazel Gordy August 24, 1954

The Influence of the Gordy Family‍ on Hazel Gordy’s Career

Hazel Gordy, the daughter ⁢of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, ⁢was ‍born on August 24, 1954,⁤ in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in the influential Gordy family, Hazel was ‍destined for a career in the music industry. Her father’s impact on the world of music is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that Hazel was‌ drawn to following in his footsteps.

At the age‌ of 22, Hazel Gordy married legendary singer Jermaine Jackson, a member‍ of the Jackson 5 and brother to the ⁢King of Pop,⁤ Michael Jackson. This marriage further solidified Hazel’s⁤ connection‌ to‍ the music industry, as she ⁢became involved in⁣ the Jackson⁣ family’s musical endeavors. Her ⁣influence ​and connections in the industry undoubtedly played a role in shaping⁣ her career and opportunities.

Despite being born into a family of renowned musicians and ⁢music industry moguls, Hazel‍ Gordy ⁤has ‍carved out her own path and made a name‍ for herself in the entertainment ⁣world. Her family’s influence undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping ​her career, and ⁤her impact on ⁢the music industry is a testament ⁣to ‍the Gordy family’s lasting legacy.

Insights⁤ into Hazel Gordy’s ⁢Personal Life and Philanthropic Work

Hazel ‌Gordy,‍ the ⁤daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy,⁢ has had a ‌fascinating personal life and has made significant contributions to philanthropy. At 47 years old, she has led ⁣a life full​ of interesting experiences‍ and has been involved‌ in various charitable endeavors.

Born on August 24, 1970, ⁣Hazel Gordy grew‌ up in the spotlight as the daughter of the legendary Berry Gordy. ⁢Despite her upbringing, she⁢ has maintained ⁤a‍ relatively private personal life. In addition to her family life, she has also devoted her time and resources to various philanthropic causes.⁤ She has ‍been active in supporting numerous charitable organizations‍ and has made a positive impact in the lives of many individuals.

Recommendations for Exploring Hazel Gordy’s Impact on Motown and American Culture

When it comes to understanding the impact of Hazel Gordy on Motown and American culture, there are several recommendations that can help⁢ you delve deeper into her life and contributions. Here are a few suggestions to get ‌you started:

  • Biographies and Memoirs: Look for‍ biographies and memoirs that ⁤focus on Hazel Gordy and ⁤her‍ time at Motown. These‌ firsthand accounts and in-depth analyses can provide valuable⁢ insights into her influence and ​contributions.
  • Documentaries⁢ and Films: Seek ⁢out ⁢documentaries and films that explore the history‍ of Motown and the role that Hazel Gordy played in shaping the label’s sound and success. These visual resources‌ can offer a compelling‌ look at her impact on American culture.
  • Archival Interviews and Articles: ‍ Take the time to scour through archival interviews and articles⁤ that feature Hazel Gordy. These primary sources can offer a unique perspective on her ⁣experiences and viewpoints, providing a more personal understanding of​ her influence.

By exploring these recommended resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of Hazel Gordy’s impact on Motown and American culture, allowing you to appreciate her contributions in a more meaningful way.


Q: How old is ‌Hazel Gordy?
A: Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy, is currently 66 years old.

Q: ‍What is Hazel Gordy known for?
A: Hazel Gordy ‌is known for being the daughter of music industry legend⁤ Berry Gordy and for her brief marriage to music icon Jermaine Jackson.

Q: What ⁤has Hazel Gordy been up to recently?
A: Hazel Gordy has maintained a relatively private life after her high-profile marriage to Jermaine Jackson ended in divorce. She has kept a low profile and is not frequently in the public eye.

Q: How does Hazel Gordy stay connected to ​the music industry?
A: Although​ she is ‍no longer⁤ heavily involved in the music industry, Hazel Gordy maintains her connection through her family ties and her father’s influence in the industry.

Q: ‍What is Hazel Gordy’s relationship with her famous family?
A: Hazel Gordy​ has maintained ‍a ⁤close‌ relationship with ​her ‍family, including her famous father and⁢ her siblings. ⁤She enjoys spending time with her loved ones ‍and ⁤supporting them in their endeavors.

To ⁣Conclude

In conclusion, Hazel Gordy’s​ age remains a topic of interest for many as she continues to‍ maintain a private ⁣lifestyle away from‌ the public eye. While her exact age may‌ remain⁣ a mystery, her impact on the ​entertainment industry as the daughter of music legend Berry Gordy is undeniable. As we continue to follow her ⁤journey, we can only hope that she will continue to inspire and make her mark on the​ world in her ⁤own unique way. Stay tuned for any⁤ updates on Hazel Gordy’s ‌age and her endeavors in the future.


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