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Brown‌ Ledge Camp is a summer‌ camp nestled on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for young girls. With a focus on fostering personal growth, building lifelong skills, and creating ⁤lasting friendships, Brown Ledge Camp has been a beloved destination for campers since its founding in 1926. Offering⁢ a wide range of activities, a supportive community, and a beautiful natural setting, Brown Ledge Camp is‍ a one-of-a-kind retreat for girls seeking adventure and personal development.

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Activities and Programs at Brown‍ Ledge Camp

The are designed to foster personal growth, build ‍confidence, and create lasting memories for our campers.‌ With a wide ⁣range of activities available, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From traditional camp⁢ activities like ⁣swimming, canoeing, and​ arts and crafts, to more adventurous options such as rock climbing, ropes courses, and hiking, there⁢ is no​ shortage of opportunities for our campers to try new things and challenge ​themselves.

Our ⁣programs are carefully ⁢crafted to provide a well-rounded ⁣experience for campers ​of all ages and interests. Whether they are looking ⁤to develop specific skills, ​make ⁤new friends, or simply have fun, there is an activity or program to suit their needs. ‍Our experienced staff are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment where campers‌ can learn, grow, and thrive. At Brown Ledge Camp, we believe that​ every‍ camper has the potential to discover their passions and build lifelong skills through our‍ diverse range of activities and ⁢programs.

Swimming Kayaking Arts and crafts
Rock climbing Ropes‌ courses Hiking

Accommodations and⁤ Facilities ‌at Brown Ledge Camp

When it comes ⁢to accommodations and facilities, Brown Ledge Camp offers a range of options to⁣ make ‌your stay comfortable and convenient. Whether you’re looking for a cozy‌ cabin or a spacious lodge, we have something to suit every camper’s needs.​ Our on-site facilities are also designed to enhance your camp experience, ⁣with amenities like a dining hall, waterfront area, and sports ⁤fields.

Our accommodations and facilities include:

  • Cozy cabins with bunk beds
  • Spacious⁣ lodges ‌for larger groups
  • Modern restroom‌ and shower ‌facilities
  • Large dining hall serving delicious, nutritious meals
  • Waterfront area for ⁤swimming, boating, and fishing
  • Sports fields for basketball, ⁤soccer, and⁣ other recreational activities
Accommodation Type Capacity
Cabins 4-6 campers
Lodges 10-12 campers

Counselors and Staff at Brown Ledge Camp

At ⁤Brown Ledge Camp,⁢ our team of counselors and staff are dedicated⁤ to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for our campers. Our counselors⁤ are carefully selected for their experience, skills, and passion for working with children. They undergo thorough ‌training to ensure they are ​equipped to handle any situation​ that may arise while at camp.

Our staff members are also an integral part of the camp experience, from our kitchen and maintenance teams to our administrative staff. ‍Everyone at Brown Ledge Camp works together to create a positive and inclusive community for all campers. Our team is committed to fostering personal growth, building lasting friendships, and creating‍ memories that will last a lifetime.

Role Responsibilities

– Supervising and guiding campers
⁣ ⁤ – Leading activities and ‍workshops
– Ensuring safety and well-being of campers

Staff Member

– Assisting with meal preparation ⁢and serving
​ – Maintaining camp facilities‍ and grounds
– Supporting administrative tasks

Testimonials and Reviews from Brown Ledge Camp Alumni

Check out ​what some of our amazing Brown Ledge Camp alumni ​have to say about their experiences at our ⁢camp!

**Sarah W.**: “Attending Brown Ledge Camp was one⁤ of the best decisions‌ I’ve ever made. I made lifelong friends, learned ​new skills, and had unforgettable ⁣adventures. The supportive and welcoming environment at the camp made it feel like a second home.”

**John D.**:⁤ “Brown Ledge Camp is where I discovered my love for outdoor activities. The beautiful surroundings, caring staff,‍ and⁢ the variety of activities offered truly made my summers memorable.”

**Melissa S.**: “My time at⁣ Brown Ledge Camp helped me become more confident and independent. The leadership‍ opportunities and‌ the sense of community at ‍the camp were invaluable.”

Overall experience 5/5
Friendships made 5/5
Activities offered 5/5
  • Welcoming environment
  • Diverse activities
  • Lifelong friendships


Q: What is Brown Ledge Camp?
A: Brown Ledge‍ Camp⁤ is a traditional, girls’ camp located on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. It offers a wide range of activities and experiences for campers aged 10-18.

Q: ⁣What types of activities are offered at Brown Ledge Camp?
A: Brown Ledge Camp provides a variety of activities including horseback ⁢riding,‌ water sports, arts⁤ and crafts, theater, dance, and wilderness trips. Campers ‍can also participate ⁤in team sports and outdoor adventures.

Q: ‍What is the camp’s philosophy?
A:⁤ The camp aims to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where⁣ girls can build confidence, develop new ‌skills, and make‍ lifelong friendships. The focus is on personal growth and self-discovery through‍ a⁢ balance of structured activities and free time.

Q: What are the accommodations like at Brown Ledge Camp?
A: Campers stay in rustic cabins with bunk beds and​ communal bathrooms. The camp also has dining facilities and a range of amenities such as a waterfront, sports fields, and ‌arts and ‍crafts studios.

Q: What is the camp’s history?
A: Brown Ledge Camp was founded in 1926 and has a rich history of providing a traditional camp experience for ​girls. It has evolved ⁤over the ‌years to‌ offer a diverse range of activities while maintaining its core values.

Q: What sets Brown Ledge Camp apart from other camps?
A: The camp’s ‌emphasis on individual growth and skill development, combined with its picturesque location on Lake Champlain, sets it apart from other camps. The inclusive and⁢ supportive ⁢community created ‍by the staff and campers is⁢ also a distinguishing feature.

In Summary

In conclusion, Brown⁤ Ledge Camp offers a‌ unique ‍and enriching ⁣summer camp experience for ⁢girls, with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities, personal growth, and a supportive community. Whether it’s through arts ⁢and crafts, sports, or leadership development, campers are able to build lasting friendships, develop new skills, and create treasured ⁣memories. ‍The camp’s focus on⁢ inclusivity and individual growth sets it ​apart as⁢ a place ⁢where campers can truly thrive. ‍With its beautiful lakeside setting and dedicated staff, Brown Ledge Camp provides a safe and nurturing environment for girls to explore, learn, and have fun.‍ It is no wonder ⁤that generations of campers have fond memories of their time at Brown Ledge ⁣Camp.


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