Exploring Taylor Cole’s First Husband: A Biographical Insight

Taylor Cole, a talented and captivating actress, captured⁣ the hearts of many ‌with her performances on both the big and‍ small screens. However, before she became a household name, she experienced a significant chapter in her personal life – her first marriage.⁣ In this article, we will delve into the details of Taylor Cole’s first husband and⁣ the impact he had on her life ⁢and career. From the early days of her journey to stardom, to her experiences⁣ in love and relationships, we will explore the story behind this lesser-known aspect of Taylor Cole’s⁤ life.

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Early Life and Career

Taylor Cole’s are a fascinating journey that led her‌ to become the successful actress she is today. Born in Arlington, Texas,‌ Taylor grew up with a passion for performing arts and entertainment. ‌She attended high school in her hometown and later pursued a ‍degree‍ in psychology at the University of Arizona.​ However, during her college years, Taylor discovered her love for acting and decided to pursue ⁣a career in Hollywood.

After making the bold move to Los ‍Angeles, ​Taylor Cole’s career quickly took off. She landed her first role in ‍the hit television series⁤ “Summerland,”‌ where she showcased her talent and versatility as an actress. This breakthrough role opened many doors for‌ Taylor, ‍leading to appearances in popular shows​ like “CSI: Miami,” “The ⁢Event,” “The Glades,” and “Heroes.” Additionally, Taylor has ‍also​ made a name for herself in the film industry, starring in‌ movies such as “Dumbbells,” “12 Rounds,” and “Famous.”

Overall, Taylor Cole’s reflect her determination, ⁢passion, and talent, which have propelled her to success in the entertainment industry. From her humble beginnings in Texas to her flourishing career in Hollywood, Taylor’s journey is an​ inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses around the world.

Here’s a quick overview of Taylor Cole’s early life:

Birthplace Arlington, Texas
Education University of Arizona (Degree⁣ in Psychology)

Marriage to Taylor Cole

Taylor ⁢Cole, the popular American actress, ⁢is known for⁤ her roles in various movies and television shows. She has garnered a lot of attention not only for her acting‌ skills but also for her personal life, including her marriage to​ her ⁤first husband.

Taylor Cole was previously​ married to David T.​ Wagner. The couple tied the knot‌ in 2015, but their marriage‍ did not last long, and they eventually got divorced. Despite the end of their marriage, Taylor Cole and David T. Wagner remain amicable, and both have ‌moved on with their ‌lives since their divorce.

Current Status and Career

Taylor⁢ Cole, the talented actress and former model, was previously married to ⁢her⁤ first husband. Although she has kept the details of her first marriage relatively private, her fans are ​always curious about her past relationships and⁤ personal life. Even though she has moved on from her first marriage, Taylor Cole’s fans continue to show interest in her early life and ​career.

As she has transitioned from her early days as a model to a successful career in acting, Taylor Cole has made a name for herself in both television and film. Her current status sees her as a well-respected and sought-after actress in the entertainment industry. Her career​ continues to thrive as⁣ she takes on various roles and projects, delighting her fans with each new endeavor.

Current Status: Successful ‍actress in television and film
Career Highlights:
  • Notable roles in popular TV shows and movies
  • Recognition for her​ acting talent

Lessons ⁤and Advice from⁤ First​ Marriage

As a well-known actress, Taylor Cole has had her fair share of personal struggles, including her first⁤ marriage. ⁣While details‌ about her first husband remain ⁤private, Taylor has spoken openly ⁣about the lessons ⁢and advice she gained from that experience. Here are some valuable insights‍ from her first marriage:

  • Communication is Key: Taylor emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication in a relationship. She learned that keeping feelings and concerns bottled up only leads to misunderstandings and resentment.
  • Self-Reflection: Taylor realized the​ value⁣ of self-reflection and understanding one’s own needs and desires before entering into a committed‍ relationship. Self-awareness is crucial for building a strong foundation⁤ with a partner.
  • Respect and Support: In her first marriage, Taylor discovered the significance of mutual respect and unwavering support for⁣ each other’s goals ⁢and aspirations. These elements are essential for a healthy and enduring relationship.

While Taylor’s first marriage may not have had a fairytale ending, she has emerged stronger and wiser, eager to share her insights with others navigating the⁣ complexities​ of love and marriage.


Q: Who ⁤is Taylor Cole’s first husband?
A: Taylor Cole’s first husband is actor and producer Kevin Simshauser.

Q: When did Taylor Cole marry her first husband?
A: Taylor Cole married Kevin Simshauser on October 2, 2015.

Q: Are Taylor Cole and her first husband still together?
A: No, Taylor Cole and Kevin Simshauser divorced in 2015 after being married for just over two years.

Q: Do Taylor Cole and her​ first husband have ⁤any children together?
A: No, Taylor Cole and Kevin Simshauser do not ​have any children together.

Q: What is Kevin Simshauser⁤ known​ for?
A: Kevin Simshauser is known for his work as an actor ⁤and producer, with appearances in⁣ various television shows and movies.

Q: How did Taylor Cole and⁤ Kevin Simshauser meet?
A: Taylor Cole and Kevin Simshauser met through mutual friends and began dating before getting married in 2015.

Q: What is Taylor Cole known for?
A: Taylor Cole is known for her work as an actress, ‌with roles in television shows such as “The Event” and “Summerland”, as well as various Hallmark Channel movies.

Q: Is Taylor ⁣Cole ⁣currently married?
A: As⁢ of the most recent ⁣information available, Taylor Cole is married to⁤ director and producer Cameron Larson.

In Summary

In conclusion, Taylor Cole’s first husband, Matthew Kevin Anderson, remains a‌ relatively private figure in Cole’s life. However, his influence and impact on⁤ her journey to success in the entertainment industry cannot be denied. Despite their marriage coming to an end, Anderson played a significant role in shaping Cole’s personal and professional⁤ life. As she continues to thrive in her career, it is clear that Cole’s experiences with her first husband have undoubtedly ⁤contributed to her growth ‍and development as an actress and public figure.


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