Get to Know Chandler Riggs’ Girlfriend in 2022

In 2022, ‍Chandler Riggs, best known for his role⁢ as Carl Grimes on the hit television series‍ The Walking Dead, has garnered⁣ attention not only for his acting career but also for his personal life. Of particular interest to fans and the media is his relationship with ‍his girlfriend. Let’s take a⁢ closer look at the woman who has ⁤captured the heart ‌of this talented young actor.

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Chandler Riggs: A Brief ⁤Biography

Chandler Riggs, best ⁤known for his role as Carl Grimes⁤ in the‍ hit television series The ​Walking Dead, has been a prominent ‍figure in the ‌entertainment industry ⁤since his breakthrough at a ​young⁢ age. Born on June 27, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia, Riggs showcased his‍ acting abilities from a tender age,⁢ landing the role of Carl Grimes at the age of 10. His natural talent and ability to adapt to the demands of the character quickly earned him critical ​acclaim and a dedicated fan⁢ following.

Aside from ⁣his successful stint on The Walking ⁤Dead, Riggs has also dabbled in other projects, including roles in films such as Mercy and Keep Watching. His dedication to his craft and versatility as an actor⁣ have ‌solidified his status as a rising star in​ Hollywood. It’s no surprise that‌ fans are eager to‍ know more about Chandler Riggs, including his personal life, relationships, and current affairs.

A talented actor‌ with a promising career ahead of him,⁢ Chandler Riggs continues to ‌capture the‍ hearts of audiences worldwide with his⁤ compelling ⁢performances. His charismatic presence on and off the screen has sparked curiosity about his romantic ‌life, ⁣leading fans ‌to ⁤wonder about his girlfriend in 2022. While Riggs tends to ⁣keep his personal life private, many are eager to learn about the lucky ‍lady who holds his heart. While details about Chandler Riggs’ girlfriend in 2022 remain scarce, his supporters remain hopeful that their favorite star is enjoying a loving and​ fulfilling relationship.

Chandler Riggs’ Previous Relationships

Chandler Riggs, best known for his role as Carl ⁤Grimes in⁣ the hit TV show ​”The Walking Dead,” has been in ‌the public eye for many years. As a result, his dating life‍ has often been a topic of interest for fans ‍and tabloids. Here’s a‍ look⁣ at some of Riggs’ previous relationships:

Emily Kinney

During his time on “The‍ Walking Dead,” Riggs was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow ⁢cast member Emily Kinney, who played Beth Greene on the show. While the two never confirmed their relationship, their on-screen chemistry led many​ fans ⁤to speculate about a romance off-screen.

Hana Hayes

After his rumored relationship with Kinney, ⁤Riggs was⁣ linked to actress Hana Hayes. The two were often‍ seen together at red carpet ⁣events and social media, leading fans ⁣to believe that they were dating. However,⁢ neither Riggs nor Hayes ever publicly confirmed their relationship.

Who is Chandler Riggs’ Girlfriend in​ 2022?

Chandler ⁢Riggs is currently⁢ dating Brianna Maphis. The‍ couple has been together for several years​ and frequently share their affection for ‌each other on social media. Brianna has been supportive of Chandler’s career and has accompanied him to various ‍events and red carpets. ‍Fans have been delighted to see ‍the two of them happy together, and they appear to have a strong and loving⁣ relationship.

In addition to being Chandler Riggs’ girlfriend, Brianna is also an accomplished⁣ musician and photographer. ⁣She often accompanies Chandler to his projects and shares‍ her own artistic pursuits with ⁤her followers on social media. The couple seems to have a strong bond and shares a common passion for creativity and art. Overall, their relationship appears to⁣ be stable and supportive,‌ and ⁣fans are excited to see what the future holds ⁢for the two of them.

With‌ their shared⁤ love‌ for music and art, Chandler and Brianna make a talented and creative pair. Their relationship seems to be​ based on mutual support and admiration, and fans are looking forward to seeing how their romance‍ continues to unfold in⁤ 2022 and beyond.

Chandler ⁤Riggs Brianna Maphis
Actor Musician/Photographer
Famous for role in ⁤”The Walking Dead” Supportive girlfriend and creative partner

Insights into Chandler Riggs’ Relationship with His Girlfriend

Chandler Riggs, best known for his role as Carl⁢ Grimes on the popular television series “The⁣ Walking Dead,” has been in a ⁣relationship with his‌ girlfriend, Haleigh Hekking, since 2018. The couple often shares their love ‌for each other on social media, giving ​their fans a glimpse into their adorable relationship. Here⁢ are some :

  • Public Declarations of Love: ​Chandler Riggs and Haleigh Hekking frequently express their love for each other on their social media accounts, posting romantic photos and heartfelt messages.
  • Supportive Partners: The couple appears to be very supportive of each other’s endeavors, often ‍attending events and premieres ​together and cheering each⁢ other on in their respective careers.
  • Traveling Together: Chandler Riggs ⁤and Haleigh Hekking enjoy traveling together and ‍have shared snaps of their adventures in various locations around the world.

Overall, Chandler ⁣Riggs and Haleigh Hekking’s relationship seems‍ to be filled with love, support, and adventure, making them a beloved⁢ couple among their fans. As Chandler Riggs continues to pursue ‍his acting ​career and Haleigh ​Hekking pursues‍ her ⁢own passions, their relationship​ remains⁢ an⁢ inspiring example of love and partnership in⁢ the entertainment industry.

Recommendations for Fans of Chandler Riggs and His Girlfriend

Chandler Riggs, best known for his role as Carl Grimes on the hit TV show “The Walking Dead,” ‌has been in a relationship with​ his girlfriend, Haleigh Hekking, for several years. For fans of the couple, there are plenty of ways​ to‍ support and keep up with Chandler and his ​girlfriend in 2022.⁣ Here‌ are ‍some ‍recommendations:

Stay updated on their social media: Both Chandler and Haleigh are active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Following them on⁣ these platforms is a great way to stay connected and see what they’re up to in their personal and professional lives.

Support their projects: Keep ⁤an eye out for any upcoming projects that Chandler ⁢and Haleigh are involved ⁢in. Whether it’s a new ‍TV⁤ show, movie, or other creative endeavor, showing support for their work can⁣ mean a lot‍ to them.

Engage with fan communities: There are plenty of fan communities and forums dedicated to Chandler and Haleigh. Engaging with these communities can help you connect with other fans and stay in the loop about the latest news and updates.

Overall, showing genuine ‍support and⁣ respect⁣ for Chandler ⁢and Haleigh’s personal and professional lives​ is the best way to be a fan in 2022. Whether it’s⁢ following⁤ them on social media, supporting their projects, or engaging with fan communities, there are plenty of ways to stay⁢ connected and show your appreciation for this talented couple.


Q: Who is Chandler Riggs?
A: Chandler Riggs is‍ an American actor, best⁣ known for his role as Carl ‍Grimes on⁢ the television series, The Walking Dead.

Q: Who is Chandler Riggs’s girlfriend in 2022?
A: As of 2022, Chandler Riggs is in a relationship ​with his girlfriend, ⁣Haleigh Hekking.

Q:‌ When did Chandler Riggs and Haleigh Hekking start‍ dating?
A: Chandler Riggs and Haleigh⁤ Hekking began dating in 2020.

Q: What is known⁢ about Haleigh Hekking?
A: Haleigh⁤ Hekking is an artist ⁤and has often been⁣ seen accompanying Chandler Riggs at various events and‍ on social media.

Q: Are Chandler Riggs ⁣and Haleigh Hekking​ engaged?
A: There have ​been no ⁣reports of Chandler Riggs and Haleigh Hekking being engaged as ‍of 2022.

Q: Do Chandler⁤ Riggs and Haleigh Hekking share their relationship⁢ on social media?
A: Yes, both Chandler Riggs ​and Haleigh Hekking often share photos and posts ⁢about their‍ relationship on their respective social media accounts.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, it is evident that Chandler Riggs has found love and ⁣happiness ⁣with his girlfriend in 2022. As his career continues to flourish,⁣ it is clear that he has the ‍support and companionship of​ a loving partner by ​his ⁤side.⁤ The couple’s relationship⁤ is a testament to⁢ their dedication and commitment to one another, and we can only‌ hope to​ see their love story continue to⁤ thrive in the years to ‍come.


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