Is Brit Hume Married? The Latest on the Fox News Correspondent’s Personal Life

With his distinguished career in journalism and a prominent presence as a political commentator, Brit Hume is a well-known figure in the media landscape. As such, there has been a longtime curiosity surrounding his personal life, particularly regarding his marital status. In this article, we will delve into the question that many have been asking: Is Brit Hume married? We will explore the details of his personal life and provide insight into this often speculated topic.

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Brit Hume’s Personal Life: Exploring His Marital Status

Brit Hume’s marital status has been a topic of interest for many of his fans and followers. The veteran journalist and political commentator has been married twice in his life. He was first married to Clare Jacobs Stoner, with whom he had two children. After his first marriage ended, Hume tied the knot with Kim Schiller Hume, a successful television producer. The couple has been together for many years and has also been seen together at various public events and gatherings.

Hume has been known for keeping his personal life relatively private, and not much is known about his relationship with his current wife. Nevertheless, it is evident that the couple shares a strong bond and has been supportive of each other throughout their respective careers. Despite being in the public eye, Hume has managed to maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to his personal life, including his marriage. Overall, Brit Hume’s marital status reflects a successful and enduring relationship with his current wife, Kim Schiller Hume.

The public’s curiosity about Brit Hume’s marital status is a testament to his popularity and influence in the media industry. While he may not be as vocal about his personal life as he is about political matters, his fans continue to show interest in the man behind the journalist. Brit Hume’s successful marriage serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of love and companionship in the midst of a busy and demanding career.

Insights into Brit Hume’s Relationship Status

Brit Hume, the veteran journalist and political commentator, has been a figure of interest for many who want to know more about his personal life. Many are curious about the relationship status of Brit Hume and whether he is married or not.

While Brit Hume is known for his high profile career, he tends to keep his personal life private. There is limited information available about his relationship status. However, it is known that Brit Hume has been married in the past. He was married to his first wife Clare Jacobs Stoner, who sadly passed away in 1998. After her death, Brit Hume remarried and is currently happily married to Kim Schiller Hume.

The Truth About Brit Hume’s Marriage

Brit Hume, the prominent American journalist and political commentator, has been married to his wife, Kim Schiller Hume, for over forty years. The couple tied the knot in 1973 and has remained steadfast in their commitment to each other ever since. Their enduring marriage has been a source of inspiration for many, as they have weathered the storms of life together with unwavering love and support.

Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, Brit and Kim have managed to keep their marriage strong, and their bond continues to serve as a testament to the power of love and dedication. Their partnership has been a cornerstone in Brit’s life, providing him with the stability and support needed to excel in his career and personal endeavors. Their story is a reminder that true love withstands the test of time and reaffirms our belief in the sanctity of marriage.

What We Know About Brit Hume’s Family Life

Brit Hume, the well-known American television journalist and political commentator, has been happily married to his wife Kim Schiller Hume for over 40 years. The couple tied the knot in 1993 and have since built a strong and enduring partnership. Kim Schiller Hume is also a journalist and a professional in her own right, having worked for various news outlets including ABC News and Fox News.

Together, Brit and Kim Hume have raised three children, including two sons, Sandy and Louis, and a daughter, Virginia. The Hume family has been known to maintain a relatively private life, with Brit often expressing his strong belief in the importance of family values and privacy. Despite being in the public eye, the couple has managed to keep their family life largely out of the spotlight, focusing instead on their careers and their children’s well-being.

In the ever-changing landscape of the media and politics, Brit Hume’s steadfast commitment to family life and his enduring marriage to Kim Schiller Hume are a testament to the values he holds dear. This strong family bond has no doubt played a significant role in shaping Brit Hume as an influential figure in American journalism and continues to be a source of strength and support in his personal and professional life.

Speculations and Facts: Brit Hume’s Married Life

Married Life of Brit Hume

There have been speculations and rumors surrounding the married life of Brit Hume, a prominent figure in the world of journalism and television. The fact is that Brit Hume is indeed married, and has been for several decades. He is married to Kim Schiller Hume, who is also an accomplished journalist and author.

While Brit Hume tends to keep his personal life private, it is a known fact that he and Kim have been happily married for many years. They have three children together, and their strong and enduring marriage is a testament to their commitment and love for each other.


Q: Is Brit Hume married?
A: Yes, Brit Hume is married. He has been married to Kim Schiller Hume since 1993.

Q: Who is Kim Schiller Hume?
A: Kim Schiller Hume is a former vice president of Fox News and a journalist.

Q: How did Brit Hume and Kim Schiller Hume meet?
A: Brit and Kim Hume met while working at ABC News. Brit Hume was serving as their senior White House correspondent, while Kim worked as a producer.

Q: Do Brit Hume and Kim Schiller Hume have children?
A: Yes, Brit and Kim Hume have two children together.

Q: What is Brit Hume’s professional background?
A: Brit Hume is a well-known journalist and television personality, formerly serving as the managing editor of Fox News and anchoring the network’s flagship program, “Special Report with Brit Hume.” He has received numerous awards for his work in journalism.

Q: How does Brit Hume’s personal life impact his professional career?
A: Brit Hume’s marriage to Kim Schiller Hume reflects his dedication to family values, which has been a consistent theme in his reporting and commentary. Additionally, his wife’s experience in the media industry has likely influenced and supported his successful career in journalism.

In Retrospect

In conclusion, Brit Hume’s marital status continues to be a topic of interest among his fans and followers. While he may have been married in the past, it is unclear if he is currently married. The private nature of his personal life leaves much to speculation, but one thing is for certain – Brit Hume remains a highly respected and admired journalist in the industry. For now, the question of his marital status remains unanswered, but his professional accomplishments continue to speak for themselves. Stay tuned for any updates on this ongoing topic.


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