Meet Agnes, the Wife of Tanked Star Brett: A Biographical Look

Agnes Wilczynski gained prominence as the wife of Brett Raymer, a well-known television personality from the popular reality TV show “Tanked.” With her own unique talents and a deep passion for the animal kingdom, Agnes has become a beloved figure in her own right. This article delves into the life and experiences of Agnes Wilczynski, shedding light on her journey alongside her husband and her own contributions to the world of aquatic life.

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Early Life and Marriage

Agnes Wilczynski is a well-known figure within the reality TV show Tanked. Not much is known about her early life. However, viewers were able to witness her career and personal life unfold on the show. Agnes’ relationship and eventual marriage to Brett Raymer, one of the stars of Tanked, became a significant storyline for the show. The couple’s dynamic and partnership in both their personal and professional lives were often showcased, giving fans a glimpse into their .

Agnes and Brett’s marriage was a central focus of Tanked, allowing viewers to see the couple navigate the ups and downs of their relationship. The show documented their journey from dating to marriage, offering insight into their early life together. As fans watched their relationship evolve, Agnes and Brett became beloved figures within the Tanked fanbase. Their dynamic and interactions with one another provided an endearing and relatable aspect to the show.

Overall, Agnes Wilczynski’s to Brett Raymer have been an integral part of her storyline on Tanked. Their relationship has captivated audiences, and their personal journey together has contributed to the show’s enduring popularity.

Career in Reality TV and Tanked

Brett Raymer, one of the stars of the hit reality TV show Tanked, is known for his expertise in building extraordinary fish tanks. However, many fans are also curious to know about his personal life, including his relationship with his wife, Agnes Wilczynski. Brett and Agnes were married for a brief period before getting divorced.

Agnes Wilczynski is a talented and beautiful marine biologist who worked alongside Brett at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the company featured on Tanked. She played a significant role in the success of the business and was known for her dedication and passion for marine life. While their marriage may have ended, Agnes remains an integral part of the Tanked family, and her contributions to the show and the company have not been forgotten by fans and colleagues.

Personal Struggles and Tragic Loss

Brett Raymer, the star of Animal Planet’s reality show Tanked, has experienced in his life. One of the most heart-wrenching events in his life was the tragic passing of his wife, Agnes Wilczynski. This devastating loss deeply impacted Brett, his family, friends, and fans.

Agnes Wilczynski was not only Brett’s wife but also his business partner. The couple shared a strong bond, and Agnes played an integral role in the success of their custom aquarium business, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Following her passing, Brett and the Tanked team paid tribute to Agnes by continuing her legacy and honoring her memory through their work.

During this challenging time, Brett found solace in the love and support of his friends, family, and fans. He channeled his grief into his work and remained dedicated to fulfilling the dreams and visions that he and Agnes had shared for their business.

Brett Raymer
Agnes Wilczynski

Legacy and Impact on the Aquarium Industry

Agnes Wilczynski, often known as Agnes from Tanked, is a well-known figure in the aquarium industry due to her involvement in the hit television show “Tanked.” As the wife of Brett Raymer, a co-star of the show, Agnes has made a significant impact on the aquarium industry through her work on the show and her passion for marine life conservation. Her dedication to creating unique and innovative aquarium designs has left a lasting legacy in the industry.

Agnes’s role on “Tanked” allowed her to showcase her expertise in aquarium design and maintenance, which has helped educate and inspire countless viewers to take an interest in the aquatic world. Additionally, her work has raised awareness about the importance of responsible and sustainable practices within the aquarium industry, leaving a lasting impact on the way aquariums are designed and maintained. Furthermore, her influence has paved the way for the future generation of aquarium enthusiasts and professionals, leaving a legacy that will continue to shape the industry for years to come.

Overall, Agnes from Tanked has made a significant impact on the aquarium industry through her expertise, passion, and dedication to marine life conservation. Her work on the show and her advocacy for responsible aquarium practices have left a lasting legacy that will continue to influence the industry for years to come.


Q: Who is Agnes Wilczynski?
A: Agnes Wilczynski is the wife of Brett Raymer, a reality TV star known for his role on the show “Tanked” which aired on Animal Planet.

Q: How did Agnes Wilczynski meet Brett Raymer?
A: Agnes met Brett when they were both working for the aquarium manufacturing company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

Q: What is Agnes Wilczynski’s role on “Tanked”?
A: Agnes is known for her design and maintenance work on the aquariums featured on the show “Tanked.”

Q: Are Agnes and Brett still married?
A: No, Agnes and Brett divorced in 2017.

Q: What is Agnes Wilczynski doing now?
A: After the divorce, Agnes has been focusing on her art and design career. She also maintains a presence on social media, sharing her artwork and interests with her followers.

Future Outlook

In conclusion, Agnes Wilczynski, the wife of Brett Raymer from the hit show Tanked, has proven herself to be a dedicated and talented member of the aquarium industry. Her passion for marine life and her impressive skills as a designer and builder have helped to elevate the success of the family business, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. We look forward to seeing more of Agnes’s work in future projects and wish her continued success in her career.


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