Who is Tanya Memme’s Husband? Biography and Facts

Tanya Memme is a well-known⁢ television personality, best recognized for her role as​ the​ host ⁢of​ the popular home makeover show, “Sell This House.” Despite⁢ her thriving career in the⁣ entertainment industry, Tanya’s personal life has also been a topic of interest for ⁣many of her fans and ⁤followers. In particular, her husband‍ holds a special ⁣place in her life and has played a significant role in her ⁣journey. Let’s take a closer look at the man behind Tanya Memme and⁢ delve ‍into the ⁣life of her beloved husband.

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Early Life and Career of Tanya Memme

Tanya Memme ‍was ⁣born on June 15, 1971, in Wainfleet, Ontario,​ Canada. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs,‌ where she learned ⁢the value of​ hard work and determination at a⁤ young age. Tanya‌ attended Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario, ⁢where she studied business and psychology. ‍Her ⁣education laid the foundation for her ​future success in the entertainment industry.

Tanya Memme’s ⁤career began with ⁤modeling and acting, ‍which eventually led her to hosting and producing television shows. She is best⁢ known for her work on ⁣the popular home improvement and lifestyle show “Sell This​ House” on A&E, where she helped homeowners stage and sell their properties. Tanya’s ⁤charismatic personality and expert knowledge in real estate and home design made ⁤her a beloved figure among viewers. In addition to her television work, Tanya also has a successful career as a motivational speaker and lifestyle coach. ⁢She has ‌shared her insight and inspiration with audiences around the world, empowering others to live their best lives. Tanya Memme’s dedication to her craft and her genuine desire to help others have set ⁣her⁢ apart in ⁤the entertainment industry. Her professional achievements are a testament to her unwavering passion and determination.⁢

**Notable work in television:**
– ⁢”Sell This House”
– “Sell This House: Extreme”
-⁣ “World’s Funniest Moments”
– “Home & Family”

**Awards ​and Recognitions:**
– Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Special ​(2013)
– Winner of the Gold Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival for “Sell This ​House: ⁢Extreme” (2012)

Meeting and Relationship with Husband Vahan Yeghiazarian

Tanya‌ Memme shares a‌ deep and loving relationship with her⁢ husband, Vahan ⁢Yeghiazarian. The couple first met in 2006 and⁤ tied the knot⁢ on September 15, 2007. Their marriage has been a ⁤source of strength and support for⁣ both Tanya and Vahan, as they navigate through life’s ups and⁢ downs together.

Vahan Yeghiazarian is​ a dedicated husband and father, and he and Tanya share a strong bond built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Together, they have created a loving and​ nurturing environment for their two children, Ava and Layla. ‌Their relationship is based on open ​communication, understanding, and a shared commitment to building a happy and fulfilling life⁤ together.

Although​ both Tanya and​ Vahan have demanding careers, they prioritize ‌their ⁢relationship and make time for each other.‌ They enjoy spending quality time as a family,‌ traveling, and creating lasting memories ⁤together. Their partnership is a⁤ true testament to the strength of their love and ‍the happiness they have found in‌ each other. Through their‌ love ‍and support for one another, Tanya and Vahan⁢ exemplify the true meaning of a loving and enduring relationship.

Challenges and⁣ Triumphs in Tanya⁣ and Vahan’s Marriage

Tanya Memme, best known for her⁢ role as a host on the⁣ Emmy-nominated​ home improvement show‌ “Sell This House,” has been married ⁤to Vahan Yepremyan since 2007. Their marriage‍ has faced ‌its fair share⁢ of challenges, but the⁤ couple has also experienced many triumphs along the way.

One of the major challenges Tanya and Vahan have faced in their marriage is the⁤ demands of their respective careers. Tanya’s busy schedule as‍ a television host and Vahan’s career as a⁤ financial ⁢advisor have often meant spending ​long periods of time apart. However, the couple has learned ‍to prioritize quality time together and communicate⁢ effectively to overcome this obstacle.

Another challenge the couple ​has faced is the⁢ pressure of​ balancing their personal and professional lives. With two⁢ young⁢ children, Tanya and Vahan have had to juggle parenting duties with their careers. This has sometimes led to feelings of stress and exhaustion, but⁣ the couple‌ has found ways to support each other and work as a team to navigate these challenges. Through it all, they have remained committed to their marriage and have celebrated many triumphs, including the growth of their family and the success of their ‍individual careers.

Insights into Tanya ‌Memme and​ Vahan Yeghiazarian’s Successful Marriage

Tanya ⁢Memme, the Canadian-born television host,⁢ and her husband Vahan⁣ Yeghiazarian have been happily married for over a decade, making them an inspiring couple to many. Their successful marriage has often been a topic of‌ interest among fans, as they seem to have found the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. Tanya’s vibrant ‌personality‍ and Vahan’s supportive ‍nature have ⁤been key elements in their relationship, helping them navigate through the ups‌ and downs of life together.

One of the secrets to Tanya‍ and Vahan’s ‌successful marriage lies in their strong communication and mutual respect for each other. They have been open about the importance of being honest and transparent in ​their relationship, which has helped them build a strong foundation of trust. ⁣Additionally, ⁣they have always supported each other’s dreams ​and ambitions, allowing them to grow individually while still being a united ​force as a couple.

Another contributing factor to their ‌successful ‍marriage is their shared love ⁣for‍ adventure​ and travel. Tanya and Vahan prioritize spending quality time together ​and have made it a point to explore new​ destinations and experience new cultures. This has undoubtedly brought​ them closer and created countless cherished memories throughout their journey as a couple.

In ‍summary,⁢ Tanya‌ Memme and Vahan Yeghiazarian’s successful marriage can be ⁢attributed to their effective communication, mutual respect,⁣ support for‍ each other’s aspirations, and their love for adventure. Their inspiring relationship serves as a reminder that with the right mindset and effort,⁢ a lasting and fulfilling marriage ‌is entirely possible.


Q: Who is Tanya Memme’s husband?
A: Tanya Memme’s husband is Roby Marshall.

Q: How long have Tanya Memme and her husband been married?
A: Tanya Memme and Roby Marshall have been married since 2010.

Q: What does Tanya Memme’s ⁣husband​ do for a living?
A: Roby Marshall⁣ is a real estate developer and entrepreneur.

Q: Do Tanya Memme and her husband⁢ have children?
A: Yes, Tanya Memme and Roby Marshall have one son together, named Taj.

Q: How did Tanya Memme and her husband meet?
A: Tanya Memme and Roby Marshall met through mutual friends and began dating before⁤ getting⁤ married in⁢ 2010.

Q: What role does Tanya Memme’s husband play in her life and career?
A: ⁤Tanya Memme has credited her husband, Roby​ Marshall, with being a supportive and ⁤loving partner who has⁢ been instrumental in her success and happiness.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, Tanya Memme’s husband, Rob, has been a‍ supportive and devoted partner to Tanya throughout their marriage. Together, they have faced both joys and challenges, and their strong bond has only grown stronger over the years. Rob’s unwavering support for Tanya’s career and their shared love for their family‌ has been a testament to their enduring love and ⁤commitment to ‌each other. We wish Tanya and ⁣Rob continued happiness and strength in their journey together.


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