Wilbur Soot Age: A Look at the YouTube Star’s Life

Wilbur‌ Soot, ⁢the British internet ⁢sensation, has⁣ captured the hearts of millions with his‍ unique ‌brand of content. ⁣At ​just 24 years old, Soot has⁤ amassed a huge following on ‌various social media platforms, thanks to his talent​ as ⁣a musician, streamer, and content creator. His age may‍ surprise some, as he has already achieved remarkable success at ‍such a⁣ young age. Let’s take‍ a closer look at​ the⁣ life‍ and⁢ career of Wilbur Soot, and ⁢how he has become a prominent figure in​ today’s online landscape.

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Early Life and Background

Wilbur Soot,⁤ whose real name is William Gold,⁤ was ⁣born on September 14, 1996, ‍in England.⁣ He spent ‌his early years in the town‍ of Basingstoke, where he attended a ‌local ⁢high school. Growing up, Wilbur ⁣developed ‌a ⁤passion for music and began writing songs at a young age. His love for music eventually led ‌him to pursue a career‍ in the entertainment industry.

Before ‌gaining fame​ as‌ a ⁣content creator and musician, Wilbur Soot worked odd jobs to support himself. ‍He experimented with various creative outlets, including songwriting and video production, before finding success on platforms like⁤ YouTube and Twitch. ‌His background⁣ in ⁢music and entertainment has shaped‌ his unique style ⁣and approach to content creation, earning him a ⁢dedicated fanbase and widespread recognition ⁢in ⁣the online community.

Career and Achievements

Wilbur Soot, the ‍popular⁤ British‍ YouTuber and ‍musician, was born on September⁢ 14, 1996,⁣ making him ‌currently 25 years old. Despite his young age, he has achieved ⁢great success in his career, especially in⁢ the⁢ online entertainment industry.

Some of Wilbur Soot’s notable achievements include:

  • Creating entertaining and​ engaging content​ on YouTube with ⁣a large and⁤ dedicated fan base.
  • Releasing⁤ original music that has garnered millions of​ views‌ and streams⁤ on various platforms.
  • Participating in and hosting live events and​ performances ‌that have​ drawn ⁣crowds‌ of enthusiastic fans.

Wilbur ‍Soot’s age may⁤ be young, but his accomplishments in the digital and music⁣ spheres are‌ impressive and​ continue to grow as⁤ he expands his career and artistic endeavors.

Personal Life and ​Relationships

Wilbur Soot Age

Wilbur Soot, ⁤the popular English musician, ‍internet personality,⁣ and content creator, was ‍born on ‍September 14, 1996. As of the current year, that would make ‌him 25 years old. With his⁣ charming ‌personality⁢ and impressive ⁢talent, Wilbur‍ Soot‍ has gained‍ a ⁢massive following across various social media ‌platforms, including YouTube,⁤ Twitch, and Twitter.

When ​it ⁣comes to ‍, Wilbur Soot tends to keep ⁢things private.​ However, he ⁢has been open ⁢about ⁣his ⁢experiences and⁤ emotions ‍through his music and online ⁤presence,⁤ allowing fans ⁢to connect with ⁢him on⁢ a deeper level. ‍While there‌ may be ⁣speculation⁤ and curiosity ⁤surrounding ‍his relationships, ⁤Wilbur Soot has⁣ always​ focused more on his career and⁢ creative⁢ pursuits.

Impact on Social Media

Wilbur Soot, known for his presence⁢ on social ⁤media, has ‍become a ⁣sensation⁣ amongst fans.⁣ His ⁣engaging content has captivated ⁣a wide audience, ‍and his is undeniable. Learn more about the age of⁣ this influential​ figure.

Wilbur Soot was​ born ⁢on September 14, 1996, making him currently 25 years⁢ old. His​ journey on social media began at a young age, and he has since made ‍a name for himself through various platforms‌ including YouTube and Twitch. ⁤His age may surprise some, as his charismatic and⁢ youthful presence ‍has ‌allowed him to connect with a diverse ‌fan ⁤base.

As Wilbur ‍Soot ⁣continues to make his mark ​on⁤ social media, his ‍age becomes a ​point of interest for fans and followers. His ability to connect with his audience and create engaging ⁣content has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the social media landscape. Keep an eye on this talented ‌individual as⁤ he continues to make waves and​ inspire others.

Future Prospects and Projects

At ​just 24 years old, Wilbur Soot has already made a significant ⁤impact​ on‍ the ‍entertainment industry. Known for his ​music, streaming, and YouTube content, Soot ⁢has⁢ garnered a large and dedicated ⁤following ‌as a ⁢rising⁣ star​ in ​the ‌digital age. With his creativity, talent,​ and ​online presence,‍ Soot’s are highly‍ anticipated by ⁢fans and industry professionals alike.

Soot’s diverse range ‍of projects and endeavors make for an exciting⁣ future in the entertainment industry. From releasing new music and ‍collaborating with other artists to continuing his successful streaming and YouTube career, there’s no ‌shortage of potential for ​Soot’s future ventures. His ability to ‍adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing digital landscape sets the stage for continued ​success and innovation in ⁤the years ⁣to come. With ‍his ‌finger on the pulse of internet culture, Soot’s projects ‍are sure to resonate ​with a wide audience.

Looking​ ahead, it’s clear ‌that Wilbur Soot’s ‍ hold promise ⁣for continued​ creative excellence ‌and impact. As he ​continues to push boundaries ⁢and explore ‌new opportunities, the entertainment world eagerly awaits what Soot will⁤ achieve next. With his talent,‌ ambition, and dedicated ⁤fan ⁢base, the​ future is bright ⁣for this young and influential figure in the digital ⁤age.


Q: How⁣ old is Wilbur Soot?
A:⁣ Wilbur Soot was born ​on⁤ September 14, 1996, which makes him 25 years old as of 2021.

Q: What is Wilbur Soot best known for?
A: Wilbur⁢ Soot‌ is​ a‌ British musician, ⁣Twitch streamer, and YouTuber known for his music as​ well as ‍his online ⁤presence and gaming content.

Q: When did Wilbur Soot first gain popularity?
A:⁤ Wilbur Soot gained ​popularity in 2017 ⁢when ⁣he became a member of the YouTube group “SootHouse,” and later as​ a member of the YouTube group “The Dream SMP.”

Q: How ⁣has Wilbur ‌Soot’s ⁢career ⁢evolved over ‍the years?
A: In ​addition to ​his success‌ on YouTube, Wilbur Soot has also released original music and‍ has gained a substantial following on platforms such as ⁢Twitch, ⁢where he streams video games and interacts ⁣with⁣ his ⁤fans.

Q:‍ What are ‍some ​notable​ achievements of Wilbur‍ Soot?
A: Wilbur Soot’s ​music has achieved significant success, with his‍ 2020 ​single “Your New Boyfriend” reaching the ​top 10​ on the UK ​Singles Chart. He has also collaborated ⁤with other⁣ popular creators⁤ in the⁤ online space.

Q:‌ What⁣ can we expect from⁣ Wilbur Soot ​in the ⁣future?
A: As Wilbur Soot ‍continues to grow‍ his⁤ fanbase and expand​ his creative endeavors, it is likely ‌that he will continue to make ‌his mark in the world of entertainment and online content creation.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Wilbur Soot is‍ a talented and influential figure ‍in the ⁤entertainment industry,⁤ despite his young age. At⁣ just 24 years old,‌ he has ⁤already achieved significant ​success as a musician, content creator, and YouTuber. His‌ creativity, passion, and dedication‌ to his craft have​ earned him ⁤a loyal fan base and widespread recognition. It‌ will be fascinating to see how Wilbur ​Soot continues to ‍evolve and make his mark on the world in ⁢the years to come. We‌ eagerly ⁢await⁣ what the future holds ⁣for ⁣this remarkable young talent.


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